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Resolution Increases Quadratically

Lil infograph on the effects of different resolutions in pixelart
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like i dont get this one, when i finish work in aseprite i resize it as it have option to do that. so do you mean to work in higher resolution already? or?

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What program is used for most pixel art? :3
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I use GImp 2.6.12
Aseprite, Grafx2, ProMotion, GraphicsGale and Photoshop are also recommended.
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mo pixels mo problems
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Question: What if you're using pixatool or 8-bit photolab or vector software? You can literally generate amiga style art with those.  Other than that,  pretty much right.
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I'd say: mo pixels, could possibly look better, could really cause some nasty problems.
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Hey I know non-linear time inflation well. I taught myself all about it the hard way. :short-term memory loss: 
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i feel so sad because i dont even know what are you talking about : (

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congrats :D
own experiences are the best.
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An awesome way to get the point across~
A lot of folks don't understand that we are dealing with surface area, not just x and y dimensions.
[On a side note, All Hail the Power of 2!]
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yeah surface area is the way to look at it.
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I really like that little character, it's very cute.
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24px not only has the benefit of having higher resolution than 16px without quadrupling the work, but also has the benefit of being a resolution perfectly divisible by 3. Hmm... should use it more often.
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24x24 is atually my most favorite res to work with =) especially bc. the /3 seperation.
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And then, there's people making the decision to change from x32 to x64 for no reasons other than "this may look cooler" and don't understand why their animator are suddenly tearing their hair out and asking for more monney... xD
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