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Praise the Sun

By Cyangmou
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Solaire of Astora, pixelled in my 16-bit inspired RPG-style.
Of course he is performing his signature move


downloadable versions:

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and if you haven't seen already:
Super Londo Bros by Cyangmou
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The kingdom of lothric is in danger, the flame that protects the world of the darkness is fading, the adventurer does what he cans to reach the flame on time, sometimes he finds notes made by failed adventurers and one of them is on a random tall pile of bones and armor, probably somebody marking something important the adventurer spends half a day climbing the pile and reads the note "praise the sun"... The adventurer commits seppuku again but destiny reminds him he is an undead.
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Reminds me a lil of Golden Sun :D
*chuckles because SUN*
Looks amazing! 
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Dark Souls - Praise the Sun praise the sun! Dark Souls - Praise the Sun 
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I love it! I want him as a pet!
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solaire on a chain is a bit kinky you know ;)
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I love it! Moar plz
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Can you make this an emote? This is golden 
Happy birthday Gold94Chica!!! 
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dunno how to make emotes.
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I think you just need to tag the picture as an Emote in the categories…
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k changed the category
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hmm I think it might have to be a smaller resolution.
Never mind I guess, its still good even if i can't spam i in comments XD
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This is the cutest thing ever

Praise the sun!   \[T]/
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Such character. :D
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If only I could be so grossly incandescent! \[T]/
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This is the wish of us all!
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