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Pixwerk stands for everything I adore.

Dieselpunk, Archeology, Mythology, Science.

Thought I might upload it since Tower 57's kickstarter-campaign will start tomorrow.

Tower 57 (successfully kickstarted, currently in development):
-Tower 57 on Twitter
-Kickstarter Trailer (from August 2015)
-Development News

Tower57 Newsletter (not active right now)

Tower 57 - Logo by CyangmouDr Cool's Cream-Truck by CyangmouWaterspout by Cyangmou

Gothic Dieselpunk (My personal concept):

Gothic Dieselpunk - Concept Mockup by CyangmouAdjusted Steamfantry by Cyangmou

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kampfknom's avatar
nice light effects
Kasardian's avatar
Amazing! 8D I love pixel art.
Cyangmou's avatar
cool, we make pixelart games :D
or to be more specific - currently we make our first game.
I-m-a-g-i-r-o's avatar
Shit man, been lovin your pixelart for quite some time now.
I'd love to see it in a game!

Update: I watched the trailer, it looks absolutely amazing, can't phantom the amount of work that went into all the artwork.
The information is not very clear tho. Where and when will non-kickstarterbackers be able to purchase the (full) game?
Cyangmou's avatar
Thanksk for the comment =)
Tower 57 is in development, in fact I am working daily on it.
Although we don't have a fixed release date yet, that's also why there is no really clear information. Although we are planning to release it during this year.
If you follow me here you will get occassional updates, mostly in form of artwork and a link in the description.
We are also posting news on our twitter and if you follow the ks updates you will get links to the most important updates too.
I-m-a-g-i-r-o's avatar
Thanks, I don't have a twitter so I guess I'll follow you on deviantArt.
your pixel art is Damn I am jealous. I really want to get into pixel art 
Cyangmou's avatar
Just starting out and playing around a bit is usually the best way to get things going.
megashell's avatar
LOL, so grows how the end of the animation, the eye goed to the middle and sort of like wobbles, hahah! great job!
RieyTails's avatar
Looks so good! It's very well detailed and the eye animation looks quite stylish, great job :clap:
Cyangmou's avatar
Cool you liked it =)
Mammouth55's avatar
omg that is awesome! will that game ever be on mobile?
Cyangmou's avatar
"Pixwerk" rather stands for a certain design direction and atmosphere.

Tower 57 currently gets developed for PC/Mac/Linux and Amiga, if we can we would love to get at least consol ports for it.
mrlordsaif's avatar
Nebelstern's avatar
wow, amazeballs.. ^^
I-m-a-g-i-r-o's avatar
Very impressive, love the wandering eye.
Bryce-Sisterhen's avatar
Very nice artwork Love 
mieufille's avatar
Oh M G howwww awesome <3
Cyangmou's avatar
thanks, glad you like it =D
mieufille's avatar
No prob! You are superb! The world needs a talent like you! Great great job! ^_^ i wish i can do stuff like you do huhu
Cyangmou's avatar
oh thanks, you make me blush.
A lot of it has to do with practice.
You have painted some pretty amazing characters too.
mieufille's avatar
Hahahaha! How cute! XD Yes, diligence, right ? :> And patience! I will always look up to you in making arts specially pixels! :"> Someday someone will make me blush too! LOLS Hahaha <3 Wiiii thank you ! ^u^
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