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Pixelart Sins - Beginner Issues

A little tutorial on some of the most common beginner mistakes in pixelart.

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I just started, and have been working on small (100x100 max generally) images. Note my profile pic. Any tips on handling single pixels in such small pieces?

As I get more comfortable, I'll increase the size and complexity of my images, but I'm having fun ATM figuring out how to express ideas with such tight constraints. Plus I can make a lot of cool simple pics, in a fairly short time. It's fun.

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Regarding to pixel art, 100x100 I'd already consider really big for a sprite.

Jus tdo more, try to find ways which work for you and try to develop and refine your techniques. Experimenting can go a long way.

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Jaggies on the outline are the cardinal sin lol
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That's a common one too.

I was talking about that in part 2 of this =)

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the "noise" one is very interesting... : ) def worth looking into
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Thanks for advice!
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thank you for the tips!! 
ZeuqzalevOdekan's avatar
Thx for the tips man! It was very helpfuly!! =) 
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Idk i like the bottom left better than the right but good tips
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do bottom left on a full screen repeated a ton of times and the issue is a lot more evident.
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can you check out some of my pixel art plz? im new to it and i like your work alot.
World-of-NoeL's avatar
You don't even have any pixel art - just weird navel fetish pics.
imkipper's avatar
Ya I took them down for a bit and am reuploading them
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no, got absolutely no time for overlooking osmeone's art and writing personalized critique.
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seems like in the comments u had time to help others out?
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Yeah probably because I felt like answering.
If you ask for something, you also got to accept a no.
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Yeah, I've seen some of these kinds of things in the minecraft textures, but then again, minecraft is a little different. Despite it's simplistic design and mimics the pixel style, that's the key word there, it's actually a bit more complex. And it kind of needs to be a bit more detailed in order to keep the game from looking barren.
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Minecraft is a 3D game, not a 2D game, the textures use something what might be called "pixelart" but at the end we are having a 3D game with textures.
Once you start warping a texture in space and you are moving in space and not on a 2D plane a whole different visual ruleset applies and there are similar tips for keeping 3D clean looking.

Pixel art deals with a grid. A pixel will always be the same size and it won't get transformed by a viewpoint camera.
Asprite in 2D will always be displayed as it's intented.
And this is clearly intented for pixelart and not for 3D texturing.
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