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Pixelart Sins 2 - Beginner Issues

A little tutorial on some of the most common beginner mistakes in pixelart.


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Sadly pillow shading one my major struggles with. So it's very easy for rookies like me to do ( years of doing it and still a rookie. mood.) & because how different lighting works very difficult to figure out how to do it right & fix it. .3.

Hey, I have a question for you. Do you use the unity software to make sprites or games? If so, when you try to make your project, is there any price to pay for the projects you publish?

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Yes I use unity.

Usually only big big projects I work on will be sold via steam and other stores - but those are games with long development times.

That's not what I meant. This question may sound stupid, but, are you fined for each project you make? The reason why I am asking you this is because when I tried to make my own unity project, these terms thing came up, and the first two said something about $100k. I don't want to pay.

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Well I really have no clue why you ask this here, this is a pixel art tutorial, not a unity tutorial. Second of all I am a game artist not a developer.

But to answer your question:

Unity is free unless you or your corporation makes more than 100k US$/year. In case you make that amount of money, you need to pay for one of their licenses (which Is I think around 1k US$/month or something).

Ok, I think I understand, but one more question. Although I think I'll understand that you can't answer this question because your not exactly a game developer. Can you make any of your games free?

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good very good

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The anti-ailiasing tip really helped me in my game art! Thank you!
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No Problem. Glad that I could help you. If you do games, maybe check out my assetstore, there might be some helpful basics for you:

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Oh thanks, buddy!
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this is really intresting

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Thank you! Just starting into the craft myself and these are really nifty and helpful!
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I agree with your examples on pillow shading (also the metal sphere looks lovely) but for me personally, I tend to ignore light sources somewhat and try to just focus on expressing the shapes of the objects I'm drawing. Do you keep in mind detailed light sources, or do you tend to shade things based on how they're shaped, mainly?
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Detailled to a degree.

Let's say I am not calculating the light like a 3D engine, because I think that is contraproductive in terms of overall volume and readability. However I try to be semi-realistic with the light and apply shadows where it also makes sense with the overall lighting situation. It's very stylized and I decide on a case by case basis how to treat the light.
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That properly shaded sphere is pretty sexy.
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omegalul i used to do shitty pixel art on newgrounds and i really should've followed that, i stopped pillow shading and shit but yeah
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OOh, neat to know.
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Thank you..just getting into pixel art.
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Loving this series! I need more! :D
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it grows steadily since years and sometimes I go back and refine things.
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Good to know, awesome work.
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I once had a cringe-worthy argument with someone who insisted that pillowshading was a "style" despite my attempt of explaining that it looks terrible and ignores how lighting actually affects objects.
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