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Pixel / Gameart 101 #09 Animation Interpolation

By Cyangmou
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A follow-up infograph on how much difference there is between an interpolated animation and one which was built from ground up with the intented framecount.
Smoothness is not everything and all those amzing algorhytms for 3D don't really shine as bright, if you know what a well handcrafted smooth animation can bring to the table instead.

getting from the interpolaed result to the right side result can take another 25% of overall working time.

This animation was done for:
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rbl3dProfessional General Artist
That´s why pixar animators work frame by frame. Because automatic interpolation kills the appealing.
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CsontvajoHobbyist Digital Artist
This also shows how much little details matter. The left one has a stronger head movements, but the right one's hands and skirt swings around more. It's even more visible if you put you face to the screen and go cross-eyedToday I feel....!  

This also reminds me of Kinuko's GDC presentation about SkullGirls character animations. But they were decreasing their lenghts, rather than maintaining it. I prefer the right one, since you worked on that 25% more=P (Razz)

A fine example of your great craftsmanship!
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soulSmith1Student General Artist
so awesome
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Call me a philistine but... I can't see the difference.
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SonicBoom567Hobbyist General Artist
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RetronatorProfessional General Artist
This is super informative! Especially since I'm one of those in the 3D camp and have no real animation experience. It'll be hard to compensate. Thanks for sharing your approach.
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CyangmouProfessional Digital Artist
to be honest, if you have super good 8 frame run animations it's in most cases enough for indiegames.
This here is just "you always can do better" but well... i don't think it's a good idea for actual production.

Unless of course it's just a single animation in the whole game which is displayed the most time.
I said in the other sheet it's displayed 50%, or more or less depending on the genre.
Adam Tierney from Wayforward said runing is displayed 75% of the time in their games and I am sure he knows his numbers.

And for this single asset/animation  which is seen the most time, it really can be worth it polishing it to really outstanding levels.
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RetronatorProfessional General Artist
Very very true!
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But...but I like the one on the left better? :(
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TwinTails100Hobbyist Digital Artist
Would you care to share what the interpolation algorithm is?
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CyangmouProfessional Digital Artist
it's basically handdrawn what a 3d program interpolates.

It's just taking two frames and exactly inbetweening the shapes at 50% of the way.
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AzagwenStudent Digital Artist
Cute ! > u<
And interesting
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