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Pixel / Gameart 101 #08 Animation Quality

A ittle infograph on how much double framecount has an impact on actual animation appaerance and what's one kind of animation quality specs you should be looking for.
The right one is about 3 times the workload of the left one.

This animation was done for:
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Ahhh, I hope you don't mind if I show this to my group. They could really use this as a huge bit of help to get them on the right foot for spriting!
Massive apologies for not asking beforehand
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well show it off, it's ok I guess. I assume you also can ask artists to post their work in groups, don't know how that works though, but then like group requests pop up and mos tartists accept it I guess.
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This is amazing !!Paper Mario: Thumbs up 
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Is it sad I could stare at this forever?
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no, animations always have a strong fascination.
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I see a definite qualitative difference in the right but this is a great lesson in production considerations - I'd say the the one on the right is twice the quality, but as you say in your description it's three times the work.

IMO worth it for a cut scene, not worth it in-game.
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depends always for which part of games. I would say cutscenes aren't important b. they only make a super small part of the game, while running in sidescrollers is shown 75% of the time.
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You should also mention how the additional frames were distributed. For the sake of people who doesn't make animations, let's say you add a new frame between every frames, to make the transition be smoother, resulting in a more fluid animation and double frame count. 
Since you didn't say anything about that I suppose you distributed the new frames evenly. The right one does feel that way! Great example!  
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in this case it's even distribution, but it's so super close because i built the animation with the example in mind. Usually you decide from the get go  how many frames you use.
Thanks a lot, glad you enjoyed it.
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This looks amazing
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Interesting.  When they're side by side, the comparison highlights the difference.  However, if I saw just one of them at a time, I don't know whether it would register how different they are.
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yeah 12 fps is usually already "good enough"
many pixel games go as far down as 8 fps.
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The one on the right does look noticeably better, but I think the one on the left would look just fine by itself.
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sure, there is a difference between "production quality" and "highly polished art" - fact is that for some animations in a game which are displayed over and ove rit can make sense to polish them to a ridiculously high level - like the runing animation which you see depending on the game about half of the time (or more, or less, but a lot)
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Huh, never really thought about it that way.  
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Also have you ever heard that choppy animation can cause headache?
With a "simple" single asset change like this you can decrease the strain on ones brain noticeably.
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I had heard that, but I personally seem to be resilient to it.  I'm only really bothered by extreme stuff.
But that is really neat.  Of course you wouldn't want people to get headaches playing your game.  That's the big thing that VR is being crucified for lately.
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