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Pixel Art Tutorial 4 - 3/4 cylinders and cuboids

Another wednesday another tutorial ;)

New material about how to draw perspectively correct cylinders for rpg graphics, illustrated with 11 diagrams.

This time I use an slightly enhanced design and it's all about a very technical content. Also some knowings of maths don't hurt. Examples will follow in the next part, because otherwise it'd have been too long.

If you don't understand something you maybe missed the older parts.

links to the other parts:

part 1


part 2


part 3

credits: "notfunny" font (header)
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your tutorials are amazing! anything can be better though... if i were you and had your knowledge and skills, i would make comic-like tutorials!

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mhh kurze frage ... wie kann ich ein pixel bild drehen ohne das es sich "verschmiert" ?
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nur in 90° schritten.
ansonsten musst du die kubische interpolation beim drehen durch keine interpolation ersetzen (solt jedes Grafikprogramm können, wenns automatish AA'd) allerdings muss der cleanup dann von Hand gemacht werden.
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Deine Tutorials sind wirklich sehr hilfreich - tolle Arbeit und vielen Dank! :)
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I pray for another part of this.
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If I am finding time I will write another part, but I am rather busy atm and it won't change the next weeks
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I was really wondering about pixel art and here stands a great tutorial :)
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Great! :)
pretty nice.
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