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Pixel Art Tutorial 2 - The 3D Effect

This is the second part of the game graphics perspectives tutorial, meant for people who works on game (artists & game designers, ...). It is building on the first part.

If you missed the first part or want to take another look:
Link Part 1

In this tutorial I want to give you more in-depth informations between the differences of the 3 chosen perspectives.
If I am talking about isometry, pixel-iso is meant.

Special thanks to the people who made this even better:
:icongrimsane: for improving the English and some great suggestions
Facet: for his suggestions and especially his pointes/help on the diagram designs.

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Well this is interesting and useful... except the normal human visual perspective doesn't work for me...
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I found the part with the trees confusing since the trees looked the same regardless of the camera position, but I still learned something from this tutorial Good job.
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it's a sideview in which I wanted to explain the viewing angle. maybe a camera shot would be useful for immediately understanding.
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Adding it is worth a try (once you have more time, of course).
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thanks man. I was looking for a tutorial on this but found nothing concrete.
: D
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Thanks for this pearls!
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Very nicely done. :D

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