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Pixel Art - Shapes and Outlines

By Cyangmou
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An infochart I made on pixel/gameart graphics

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Just noticed I've been doing the hardest one all this time -_-
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I think complex drawings could be much more complex than they actually appear.
I mean, F is actually more complex, but you can really do a much more complex character with colors and shadows from your skills.

I really like the character, well colors are vibrant for an RPG as they may be.

Good work on these kind of tutorials, I'm loving the good information you put in there, it's just out of the normal stuff you can find out there,
Thank you.
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sure you always can go more complex.
At this size i don't think you can goi more complex than f.
YOu still can increase resolution and change proportions. But this comparison is just between shapes.

Well there is an abundance on tuts on how to AA and how to Dither, this is just stuff I am super excited about.
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Hmmm, now I look at it, it's pretty small. But, I was talking about colors.

Did you used the same colors for each sample? (excluding AA, new shades and so)
Could be you do this infochart, but with color improvement too.

Looking good!
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same colors used for all sprites (simpler sprites use less colors, but the same shades).
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> Because color is indexed in pixelart, the contrast between colors can change the cluster/shape impression a whole lot.

Not sure if I understood this. I believe "indexed colors" is just a way to map pixels to colors on a palette, how this affects the impression? Maybe you can provide an example? Thank you!
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indexed colors mean that there are entries in the palette.
If you have 2 colors closer to each other (dither) it can appaear as a shape

if the contrast beween them is to high it can appaear as 2 shapes, seperated by contrast.
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This helps a lot with my Pixel Art. Thank you.
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I always thought the GBA Fire Emblem games were a master class example of pixel art and animation! Cool reference and nice chart!
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some of the best pixelart which got produced for games for sure.
Was not easy to get to the level where I could pull it off myself and it was even harder to gether the knowledge to improve on it.
Got some other fire emblem stuff in my gallery, if you are interested =)
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d is surprisingly readable
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you mean surprisingly as you thought it wouldn't have been readable or you think it reads the best?
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I did not expect that adding small shapes would help a sprite's readability
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readability has not much to do with what you do in terms of clusters.
It's more about overall contrast principles. Maybe I will talk more about that.
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bless this Its so helpful
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Thank you for this ^^ 
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This is wonderfully made easy and simple to understand :) Thank you so much for making this~!
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is that tutorials :?
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