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Pixel Art Process

Garlic WIP-gif

related tutorials:

If you don't read those tutos so far, you definitely should, I think they are great and they also explain a lot of common knowledge.

What is Pixelart (by *Pix3M) explains differences between styles and resolutions and the general approach of pixel art, really easy to understand.
Ramblethread (Pixelation) Focuses on a lot of interesting techniques, especially Clusters, Helm was really gentle to provide that much of his great and insightful „half assed theories“ everyone should enjoy.
The Pixel Art Tutorial (by Cure) extensive overview about pixel art (put in a nutshell), definitely worth a read, but it's maybe here and there hard to understand if you are a beginner, since it's really on point and don't gives a lot additional information.

If something is unclear or needs more explanation, please write it in the comments.
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From a distance, I thought the garlic was that picture of a duck sitting in a hand.
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(this is a nice way to show process, but even having gone to college I find this a rather difficult tutorial to read and would not suggest this to beginners because so much that needs to be explained is missing. As a beginner to pixel art, I was completely lost after about half way through - despite having read other tutorials before this. ) 
Cyangmou's avatar
it's not really meant for absolute beginners, rather intermediate level.
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But how does one start to get into pixel art then?
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There is a big list with links on pixelation - one of the best forums for pixelart in the web…
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Oh this looks very helpful. Thanks for the reply. 
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Never though of this technique Oops! great tutorial, thank you!
Cyangmou's avatar
Glad that it helped you =)
I-m-a-g-i-r-o's avatar
The pixel garlic is more realistic than the picture!
Raidot's avatar
This is still too difficult for me(((
Turtlekisskiss's avatar
THANKS X10000000000 for real though I made some pixel art that WASN'T terrible!!
Plamenator's avatar
MAN... Pumba sure has changed!
Fanicom's avatar
Never I have seen an onion so magnificent :v thanks for the tutorial!
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How much would you charge for an image like the bull?

How much for an animated version?
JoryRFerrell's avatar
"image like the *boar*" rather....
ShoeboxSymphony's avatar
Wow, I really could use this. I think I should fave this rather to help myself than anything else. I think this should help me a lot!
Lazydays-Studios's avatar
When I clicked on this I didn't expect a garlic... or onion. Ya know I can't tell the difference XD. Nice work though.
Banished-Dreams's avatar
Excellent work! This is incredibly helpful, especially on step 7 with anti aliasing and touching up jagged linework.
trajectorymodifier's avatar
Fantastic work, very inspiring -- I love how the pixel looks better than the real thing in the end.
thanewdude07's avatar
Holy crap! Thanks for the tutorial! I have been in and out latel but once i get back in the loop again i am gonna be giving this a shot!
TehAngelsCry's avatar
Hey there! :wave: 
Your tutorial has been featured in my weekly journal: Tutorial Tuesday #26!
I'd love if you could take a look and support your fellow deviants through comments on their tutorials :la:
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Awesome as always, Cyan! Thank you for this wonderful tutorial!
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Thanks so much!
Rookie141's avatar
fail. the pixel onion looks more realistic than the photo xDD
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