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Pixel Art - Anatomy of Shapes

An infochart I made on pixel/gameart graphics

If you like my stuff you also can sign up to my "experimental" art / games / tutorial E-mail list here:
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Interesting, thanks for sharing :)
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that is very informative! Thanks for taking the time and effort : )
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thanks a lot =)
Glad you are enjoying it.
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This is going to help me so much since I’ve been thinking about doing some pixel art
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(looks at a series of Cyangmou tutorials and becomes smart) AH. Hm, this is good. (looks at a frankensprite and becomes a dumb ass) Damn Fuck !
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trying my best breaking complex things down in kinda easy understandable bits.
The overall complexity doesn't help.
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No, this is explained really well imo. My comment was a poor attempt at humor
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Such an important point about contemporary art being made for flatscreens. It's quite a different brand of magic to have made pixel art for CRT.
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yeah that's supe rimportant and often overlooked, if you study old sprites.
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