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Maneater and Sister Sanguine

Personal character designs
pencil on paper, digital touchup.
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That good looking Berserk like armor. Desing make my smile.

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Berserk always had great armors. Definitely one of the many things which inspired me :)

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I'm not sure if I should feel this way but I think the big guy is really cute, has a lot of charm and I love this armour's design (it's nice to see fantasy armour with more than just big plates also big plus for a normal weapon size), great work ^^

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I think the beautiful thing about character design is, that sometimes we like evil characters or intimidating characters. Sometimes because they are interesting to us, or in the case of big characters they can also feel protective to their loved ones. So why not, it's always fun to root for different characters and depending out of whih perspective you look at their actions, they can be interpreted as good or bad, unless you have a dualistic storytelling clearly telling you how you have to think :)

Glad you appreciate this style of fantasy, I also like protective armors and realistically usable sized weapons.

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You really nailed the design of that warhammer

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:)I really do like realistic warhammers and grotesque weaponry, glad you appreciate too :)

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Nice pen-works, and characters.

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I really like the shark armor

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Thanks, glad to hear, put a lot of effort into the design.

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You welcome ^3^

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