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personal pixelart character concept

A young, mysterious noble lady.
Just judging her by her clothing and her appaereance, neither her subtle Osmoon heritage nor her unique character can be denied.
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Wow cooles Zeug Thomas! 
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This has so much detail and color in it. I can only hope that one day I will become this great of an artist.
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Wow, this is really good!
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this is stunning :love: :love: :love: the ruffles and metal pieces are so perfect and i love the way you did her hair!!! 
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Looks great :)

I noticed a little lack of shadow on her right hand though. Possibly worth fixing, but It's just my opinion :)
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Where do you think it lacks shadow?
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No problem :)

The light is coming from the left (from her perspective), so according to the pose her body has to cover right arm partially and leave a hard noticable vertical shadow on her right hand. Without this shadow arm looks as close to the "camera" as her left arm, but in fact this is the most distant object on the scene.
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Actually no, this painting is directly front lit. If you check the highlight positions at the left and right side you will see that they are facing towards the centre.

the distance of both arms is at maximum 80 cm, the effect you are referring to is atmospherical perspective which happens for big distances in landscapes.
Also for a portrait of  a human there is not much "depth" going on unless you use a photocamera with a focus or clearly focus your eye at a part - but this is merely blur and doesn't affect value. We don't have blur or gradients in pixelart, which is the medium.

What you read as shadow of the rear arm actually is a reflection of the skirt.
The rear arm seems to be more defined bc. of said reflection on the inside of the arm, which isn't happening for the arm in the front, bc. you see none of the metal planes interacting with the dark fabric.

All of tHat being said I really appreciate your feedback, thanks a lot for taking the time to write it.
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Ironically, yours is the comment that seems to have taken longer to write.

Thank you, my dude.
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I see, yes, I was probably wrong about the lighting :)
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So much detail. That's some inspiring stuff!
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This is pretty amazing steampunk art! Really love her cybernetic arms, too!
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Insanely talented!
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Ooh Sexy steampunk. ^.^
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Woah this is some coolio pixel art
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Metal Arms are the Best!
catching love 
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