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Imperialer Adler

By Cyangmou
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Another character concept which I worked on for a super long while.

Despite I started already early this year on gathering all the reference material and reading up a lot of related things, I had little time next to work.

Since I had some time now I thought this might make a good piece for christmas.

Merry christmas to all of you.

20 colors + cast shadow + transparency

A very special thanks to Pixel-Jointer osmasker for translating my original German text into English:
(german text is at the end of the description)

Imperial Eagle 

The elite knights and bodyguards of his imperial Majesty are second- or third born sons of an old royal lineage who share strong bonds with the imperial family. Because of their strong beliefs it is their life’s duty to protect the worldly ruler chosen by God and to stand by his side during courtly events which certainly emphasises the general pomposity.

Starting at a young age these boys receive a strictly religious upbringing and are instructed in courtly manners, common knowledge, math, music and horsemanship.

At the age of twelve the lads are brought to the imperial court as pages to complete their education. Following the knightly tradition they learn how to tend to their armour and mounts and are briefed in the art of warfare. At the age of fourteen they are subordinated to an Eagle as knave and receive further education in competitive horse riding and the use of fire arms. At the approximate age of twenty-one their education is complete and they receive their proper armour and are dubbed knights.

Their armour represents the imperial banner - the eagle - and has been masterfully forged in the style of the great Maximilian.

The knightly longsword is a symbol for their strong belief as it is blessed and bestowed by the archbishop himself.

Should the emperor be in danger, the warriors would resort to their modern 3-shot percussion gun and use their sword merely for self-defence.


Imperialer Adler

Die Elite-Ritter und Leibwache ihrer kaiserlichen Majestät, sind zweit- oder drittgeborene Söhne alter Adelsgeschlechter, deren Bande stark mit der kaiserlichen Familie verwoben sind. Aufgrund ihres starken Glaubens, besteht ihre Lebensaufgabe darin, den von Gott persönlich ausgewählten weltlichen Herrscher zu beschützen und bei höfischen Anlässen an seiner Seite zu stehen, was der generellen prunkvollen Impression nicht schadet..

Von klein auf werden diese Knaben streng religiös erzogen und erhalten Ausbildung in höfischen Umgangsformen, Allgemeinbildung, Mathematik, Musik und Reitkunst.

Im Alter von 12 Jahren werden die Sprössling als Pagen an den kaiserlichen Hof gebracht um ihre Ausbildung abzuschließen. Der ritterlichen Tradition nach werden sie erst in der Rüstungs- und Reittierpflege ausgebildet und auch in der traditionellen Kriegskunst.
Im Alter von etwa 14 werden sie in den Knappen ernannt, einem der Adler unterstellt und im sportlichen Turnierreiten sowie in der Verwendung von Schusswaffen ausgebildet.

Haben sie mit etwa 21 Jahren ihre Ausbildung abgeschlossen erhalten sie ihre Rüstung und den Schlag zum Ritter.

Ihre Rüstung repräsentiert das Kaiserliche Banner – den Adler - und wurde im Stil des großen Maximilians auf höchster Plattnerqualität gefertigt.

Das ritterliche Langschwert symbolisiert ihre Verbundenheit mit dem Glauben und wird zu ihrem Ritterschlag vom Erzbischof persönlich gesegnet.

Sollte der Kaiser allerdings in Gefahr geraten, würden diese Krieger allerdings vorher auf ihre modernste 3-schüssigen Perkussionspistole zurückgreifen und das Schwert nur zur Selbstvertedigung einsetzen.

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i like the pixel art world
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For that hilt and cross guard, the sword's blade is waaay too short. The blade length is about that of a very long one-handed sword or of a very short long sword. The hilt and cross guard are that of a great sword, however. In addition to that, that style of shaping a blade (making the part near the cross guard blunt) shouts great sword.

Besides that nit picking, that's a great piece of art. I especially like the foot armour.
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Indeed it's a ververy short longsword, perfectly spotted :D
It's usable in narrow interiors and hallways of a palace, this sword is not necessarily a traditional sidearm, rather for demonstration. Also it's mostly designed for stabbing, because swinging it effectively would get very hard once you consider the environment it's used in. And frst they anyways would rather use their firearms.

The main battlefield forces of the same art series also have pistols and sabers, this character however is mostly a representative bodyguard and rather should demonstrate traditional values on the court, the same goes for the symbol of the longsword and the highly ornamented armor
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For stabbing, I'd rather suggest making it a rapier instead, or at least a very narrow, very pointy long sword. No need for such a huge guard for that purpose. And about the tight space: Half swording is a thing and works pretty well there. In addition to that, historical parade swords actually tend to be very much oversized, making them too unhandy for actual battle situations, but big enough for an impressive display (and more impressive than a teeny tiny rapier). And yes, fire arms first, if they are already loaded. :P

You can be very proud of your armour design, by the way. It is perfectly usable and for a set of fantasy armour very historically accurate. You did your research. A good smith could make you one of these for sparring. Though this suit is rather designed for jousting.

In case you might be interested, here are some nice stabby things for reference:……
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Rapiers and Longswords just have a very different "symbolic" value.

Albion Swords are great =)

And yeah I am trying to do as much research as possible, not that I would know everything oregarding everything.
But there are also a lot of actual artifacts in Austria in just an hour travel from where I am living =)
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Absolutely amazing! The amount of detail is very eye-catching. Nice work. :D
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My God this is just.. I have no words for how amazing this is!
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glad you like it =)
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Seeing the detail.....

I cried...

Anyway, i love it XD
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thanks a lot man =)
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Amazin job so detailed 
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thanks a lot and have a super nice christmas week =)
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OOOUUUHHH... Thanks merry christmass too and happy new year
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thanks skylure,
glad you enjoyed it.
Have super nice Christmas!
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You too, Cyangmou!
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Amazing job ! The sword reminds me the Aragorn's sword in LOTR :D
Cyangmou's avatar
It's definitely similar in terms of looks.
Lord of the Rings has super awesome weapon designs.
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Totally agree !
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