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I've got to use my head... And think

By Cyangmou
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Since the old DS1 days I wanted to draw Siegmeyer. DS3 and especially Siegward rekindled my inspiration and somehow I managed to find a few hours to finally do it =D

I wanted to bring out his character with a 2D zelda-ish approach, but used significantly higher resolution.
Hope you like it.

In case you need more Dark Souls pixel-fanart:
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The helmet looks like a steam bun. Hell, the Zs look like steam.
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I was wondering if I would able to use this art for a outro card for a dark souls play through series, that my brother and I are about to start soon with your permission and credit of course!
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alright. Just link me to it, once you are done, preferably via PN
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wow a masterpiece
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Woww, this is so cute and really well animated! the color is good too!! I really really love it XD
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glad you like it =)
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Looking forward to see more of your great works!
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OMG I will marry you xD this is amazing !!!!!
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Fantastic! Is this a .gif file or what?
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all animated pixelart images on deviantart are gif files.
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Ok! thank you!
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found it shared by a facebook page, idk if they asked you but i put a link to here in the comments anyway ^^
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haven't asked, but because it's fanart and they don't take money for it it doesn't matter that much to me.
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Still close... still close...
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We may need another 4, maybe 5 bodies to get out of this one.
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This is amazing...! :heart:
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Hmmm... Hmmmm...Hmmmmmm.... Oh! this is nice.. haehaehae
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Ahh...I think I'm gonna take a quick nap ...

zzz zzz

Definitely one of the best characters in the game I am a dummy! 
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definitely. Looking fo rward to see him in the DLC too :D
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