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Hollow Warriors

By Cyangmou
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Dang it has been September since I uploaded the last piece of art. Time is moving by far to fast and it seems like I am by far to lazy to upload a lot of stuff I actually could show off.
I haven't even been able to write a journal during the last 2 weeks, because I am by far to busy with getting stuff done for Tower 57.

Anyways, a small piece of fan-art, to celebrate Dark Souls. After quite some time i found out how to solve the frame stutter issue I had with the game, since it was moved from Windows Live to Steam and made it unplayable.
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the torch hollows are probably the most op enemies in the game
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Haha so much character.
I love the 1 rotten tooth they have left :-)
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The hype for dark souls 3 is real
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These guys look ready for a summer camping trip
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Torch guy looks confused :P
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Gosh, I hated the torch guys xD
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yeah they are pretty scary :D even more so in new game +
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haha amazing :D
going to animate them later?
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Won't be a problem and I would have a lot of fun doing it for sure.
But most likely I won't, because I am animating 8 directional enemies for Tower - and that's currently enough animation workload for me.
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love your animation tho, and always love to see more :D
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the stuff I am currently animating for tower is for sure one of the the best animation jobs i ever get done for a video game.
It's on par with the animations I did for Adventure Time ETDBIDK - though there are more directions and it's in a style I prefer over overly flat shaded - pitch black outline cartoon look.
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