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Hall of Anubis

Background work I did in December 2013/January 2014 for a game-project which got canned and never will see the light of day.

other bgs of the project:
Hellscape by Cyangmou
Snowscape by Cyangmou
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Pretty amazing skills
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I apologize for like bombing you
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Hey there, this is the creator of the scrapped game. If you want to play the last demo, you can find it here:…
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God dammit... is so good, favorites.
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So much atmosphere!
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I Love this! Do you have any tips for animating flames? I like the way you did it!
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Well it's more of a magic fire =) but glad you like it. >WOuld do it totally different now though.

there is a pixelation thread
"fundamentals of fire"
with a ton of great refs and ressources…
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Thanks! added to my favorites!
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Sigh, I feel for you...nothing worse than a canned project and left over assets that one wants to show the world but potentially can't because the content belongs to the company...

Epic work though! Keep it up
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well lukily I may sahow off the stuff. I think it's more sad that another project I worked on died, and it's not a fault from the art side.
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Yeah that's awesome that you can show it. Yep companies decide to close projects at the weirdest times, even sometimes near the end of completion. It's understandable if the work being done is for a startup and it fails, because most startups fail...but if it is for an established company then that is super bad planning on the companies part :/
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Shadowy blue and gold works amazingly well together.
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yeah it does. Blue-Orange is complimentary, the rest was about balancing out the secondary warms and cools.
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It's amazing regardless if it's not going to be in an actual project.
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the problem is that gameart works pretty bad outside of games just as "art"
THere are so many considerations you make to have it working that it's just always a lot more rigid than any art you just draw as concept etc.
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This has to be one of my favorite backgrounds. Brilliant. 
You, my friend, are an inspiration.
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