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H P Lovecraft


Stylized pixel art portrait of Howard Phillips Lovecraft.

Writer of the phantastical, supernatural and inventor of cosmic horror.
Master of fear.

Personal piece of art, created in my own artstyle.

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Ah, good ol' H.P. I just bought the 9 short stories that inspired his eldritch mythos, The King in Yellow by Ambrose Bierce.

I discovered Bierce's monstrosity by accident when I followed the 'Tomes and Tentacles' podcast. Their intro quotes Cthulu but the table top game is set in Carcosa, the mad city of poets. Bierce's sandbox.

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WoW. Lovecraft would be glad.

Great yours pixel art.

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Love your depiction of the Necronomicon! The green and red color scheme really works ok sign f2u 
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THanks, glad you enjoyed it =)
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What's good at pixel art - it's never look outdated
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Ph’nglui mglw’nafh Cthulhu R’lyeh wgah’nagl fhtagn!

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I thought it was Stephen Colbert for a moment

Looks great! :)
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just H.P.L.
thanks a lot =)
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You’re welcome :)
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Perfect representation of Lovecraft. Not only a good portrait but also really cool made. The pose and the way he holds the book (which looks like a necronomicon the me) make him look like he is some kind of priest of a cult, which is a nice twist, if you think about his works.
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I tried to capture a "scholar" impression, because of what I have heard of him and just how he writes seems to make this approach the only right one to me.
And indeed it's a / the necronomicon.
Thanks for your comments, I appreciate them =)
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this is fantastic! love those colors AAAAAAH
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glad you liked it
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same, and thanks
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