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Gothic Dieselpunk - Concept Mockup

Gothic Dieselpunk – Concept Mockup

Pure pixel art versions - without modern engine tricks (for the purist pixel lovers here)


The art shown is a scene out of a conversation, additionally some pieces of the world and how the characters interact - the gif got quite big (7MB) even at 100% sorry if that causes problems.

full HD screens (they work perfectly as wallpapers)……

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FlamasTheFox's avatar
I liked it a lot as the character told me to give it into it, and as soon as what I see everything is very good and original, I look amazing👍👍👍👍👍
steam-dieselpunkpunk's avatar
Holy shit how are you not with an expert team of game developers I would play the shit out of a diesel punk genre of RPG especially if it is steampunk
Cyangmou's avatar
Well making games is hard, making and finishing indiegames is super hard and every even moderately sized project take years.

There are 2 noteworthy steampunkish games I have been/am working on within a similar aesthetic:
First one is a retro-futuristic topdown shooter, which was a smaller indie-endeavour and is called tower 57 / available on steam:
For the l ast year I am doing the art-direction for a Steampunk metroidvania called Gestalt: Vanguard which probably will get an announcement later this year.

And a game with those two characters is still my dream, but considering the more recent concepts, it wandered towards 1700.
But at least after all those years and all the i feel a lot more confident and ready to actually do something like it.
MaxtheG's avatar
game plz lol this is too good
Cyangmou's avatar
Ah man I really would love too, but RPGs of any kind are just out of my affordable budget yet, while I really hope I can get there some day.
The current game I am working on is a Shmup, named "Cthulhu vs. Gothic Girls"…
Whjile not much info on it is available yet, I will start talking about it a lot in the new year =)
MaxtheG's avatar
...i just said a shitty comment and you gave me glorious info...

welp! shiz happens! imma chek that out, danks tad!
Cyangmou's avatar
well I am always glad if someone enjoys the stuff I am doing enough to leave a comment.
THanks too, if you like both those things a lot, sticking around here or on my Twitter is an awesome idea, because those are the channels I use most frequently.
MaxtheG's avatar
i will laddie!

...also mayby stupid to ask of me, but mind checking some of my art?
Cyangmou's avatar
I see some pretty cool ideas there.
Probably picking up a drawing book like "drawing on the right side of the brain" or "fun with a pencil" is a great idea if you wanna pursue that hobby =)
MaxtheG's avatar
intriguing... ill try to look those up, thx man
Ruyc's avatar
I'm speechless
DrawnCreature's avatar
It's absolute amazing work!
Cyangmou's avatar
thanks a lot. I am still hoping that I can make something like this one day.
DrawnCreature's avatar
Of course you'll do!
TheImperfectLife's avatar
Cyangmou's avatar
just a man :)
But I am glad that you are enjoying the art.
87GABRIEL's avatar
But what if GOD???

Cyangmou's avatar
daffyduckler's avatar
Unhuman Pixel art skills
Cyangmou's avatar
thanks, but a lot of years later I see a lot of potential of things which coud be tweaked =)
AlfredSoul's avatar
Looks great! I, as a goth with dieselpunk fashion influences and fan of animation like this, officially am in love with this!
Cyangmou's avatar
sehr schön =)
Wenn das magst, dann magst du evtl auch Tower 57, ist auch ein Dieselunk Topdown shooter und mein erstes persönliches IndieSpielprojekt (ichentwickel es mit einem Freund seit gut 2 Jahren) - es soll sogar noch in der ersten Hälfte dieses Jahres erscheinen.…
AlfredSoul's avatar
Danke! Das werde ich mir mit Sicherheit besorgen wenn es rauskommt!
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