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Goliath Bat

By Cyangmou
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Sprite (Design & Animation by me)

Background by Vierbit.
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© 2013 - 2020 Cyangmou
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by chance this art is free of copyright?
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ok! Thank you :)
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You need to make a retro indie game using these sprites
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I think this one is totally AWESOME! Lol! Cyangmou, you could have been hired in the 90's to help make game avatars!
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a stupid question what does goliath mean?
awesome bat
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Goliath was the name of a giant Philistine warrior, it's often used as synoym for giant, colossus, huge, or strong…
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ah so that why every boss why goliath in their name is gigantic
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Seems like Dracula in Castlevania. Awesome!
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Seems like something from Zenonia. Great job.
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I can hear its noises in my head, it's so perect
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would you like to create some sprites for Guardian Legend remake?
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This. Is. Awesome.
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This is reminding me of Chrono Trigger...
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Holy crap is this for a game? It looks awesome!
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what program do you use?
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oh my god, this reminds me so much of secret of mana and alike super nintendo games it makes my eyes tear up in joy!
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You're one of the best pixellers around in my opinion.
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reminds me of some castlevania boss, great job and animation!
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That is very... sexy...
(LOL, tricked you, didn't I?)
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I wonder what'd be the outcome ... a Succubus?
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