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Game Of Battles - Agincourt 1415

Location  Agincourt

The Battle of Agincourt is one of the most well-known battles of history and also a battle which marked the end of the high medieval period. Taking place on October 25th in 1415, it's one of the most decisive English victories in the Hundred Years Wars. The massively outnumbered English army of Henry V of England slaughtered thousands of French troops with minimal losses and captured hundreds of nobles which were later killed against the rule of chivalry by Henry‘s order. This loss of the French Elite crippled the country for the next century!

From a military standpoint, this battle had significance because the knight, the uncontested elite warrior of the medieval period was overwhelmed by common men-at-arms without noble status. The English Longbowmen were either subscribed mercenaries or prisoners who won their freedom in exchange for fighting. The longbow could very effectively stop a cavalry charge simply by killing the warhorses of the knights. Also, the condition of the terrain played a big role for the outcome - it was a ploughed field flooded by heavy rainfall.

The myth that longbows would shoot through plate armour goes back to this very battle. But, by logically considering the massive numbers of French prisoners taken, it concludes the advance was halted. Contemporary reports state that the knights had to turn away their visors from the point-blank straight incoming arrows, which could have pierced into their eyeslits.


This artwork presents a hypothetical tactical game inspired by board games such as chess. It aims to realistically depict medieval warfare technology whilst leveraging the computation of computers for immediate gameplay calculations. Overall, the experience would be streamlined, easy to pick up, yet hard to master.

Special thanks to:

Joseph Silipo:

Who not only provided a ton of feedback, many edits and contributed ideas during this work, but who also helped me finally start and kept me motivated throughout. Thanks a lot, without you this piece neither wouldn't exist nor would I have pushed it that far.

Aleksandra Jarosz:

Who provided a wealth of input on the UI design, placing and spacing of elements whilst keeping information grouped tightly together for readability

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Ale bym grał w taką grę, w sensie takich herosów, tylko w historycznych realiach z powyższą szatą graficzną 😍

Cyangmou's avatar

Dzieki, cobran777. Moze pewnego dnia bedzie nam dane zagrac w taka gre. ;)

MaxOrthodox1204's avatar

i love your art alot

also this really looks like a game could be made out of this, seriously it looks pristine, squeaky clean and beautiful! (i'm the guy who commented on your evolution of armors sprite work)

is it possible ? where can i get it ?

I'd love to play this!

Cyangmou's avatar

This is just art.

Making games requires a full team and funding for the team.

It's incredibly hard to find experienced people interested in programming any sort of tactical game, as they are hard to make and are less popular than other types of games.

If I'd know someone reliable, maybe I'd go for it.

MaxOrthodox1204's avatar

oh well damn

well hope this does become real :]

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Absolutely incredible work!! I grew up playing Fire Emblem, and am currently workin towards creating a similar game albeit with different gameplay and mechanics. Is there a way I can contact you privately to hear of your experience in the field? There might be an option to collaborate in some way!

Cyangmou's avatar

Generally you can contact me via the E-mail here on my profile page, or the one specified in my commission doc on twitter:

Yanmoor's avatar

Thanks, I'll contact you per E-mail in the next couple of days.

Where can I buy this game?

Wolfbane9's avatar

That's wonderful and I just want to play it post-haste.

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Great work ! Do you plan to make a game and the following of this story ? Because the Loire campaing and the Battle of Patay was to the French what Azincourt was to the English, 180 french knights defeated the 5k english army killing almost all the veteran longbowmen. this is also a great story (made possible by a lone stag :p). Btw i like the armor design and the distance fog you made i would totally pay to play your game ! Continue the good work ! (and tell us if you release the game :p)

Cyangmou's avatar

I would love to make a full game out of it, but like always it's incredibly hard to get any project off the ground. Would need to look into that, recently I have been reading a magazine called "Medieval Warfare" and they got a lot of obscure and really cool things in it, you might want to check it out, if you don't know it already =)

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Ha, I love it!  The pavises were an especially nice touch!
Cyangmou's avatar

Genoese Crossbow Mercenaries =)

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Brother I have to take the time to say that this is just beautiful, absolutely gorgeous. You are a great font of inspiration and motivation with such beutiful art and effort, and the historical accuracy is just the best part of it all. I just can't stress enought how much I appreciate the artistic and historical value of your work.

Cyangmou's avatar

Trying my best =)

Thanks for the nice comment.

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I don't really like the small glare effect over the snapshot on the top, but I love the whole piece; looks awesome!

I've seen some of the pieces there before. Twitter, maybe.
Cyangmou's avatar

Thanks, Glad you like it.

Which effect are you exactly talking about? The blueshift of the units as they go further into depth or something else?

Yes I have been developing the style with a couple of different preliminary tests.

dokitsu's avatar
Yep, they start getting brighter as they are more further from the camera; is that actually each of the sprites drawn with a different/brighter palette or it is just a gradient blending on the top of the piece? Which may sound weird, but I sort of thought it was an overlaying gradient when I first saw the picture.
Cyangmou's avatar

No it's not an overlaying gradient, just every row of units has their own palette.

wanyo's avatar

I always appreciate your attention to detail in both your art and story/history behind it! It always shows through and makes your work shine!

A special shoutout to the wonderfully crisp UI as well, the whole thing just feels great!

Cyangmou's avatar

Glad you appreciate the research aspects.

The GUI here, despite looking so simple was really hard to develop and went through dozens of iterations, until this was the outcome. Luckily Joseph and Aleksandra both had super valuable input - Thanks .

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Wow, it's like Medieval Tactics Ogre... I'd play the hell out of this.
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How do I
make a game
out of you?
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