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GBA Fire-Emblem Research - Archer 3/3

This was part of an investigation series I did on the GBA archer, to find out how the animation was created and what tricks the artists on the game used.
I didn't create the original artwork, I just enhanced it.

Here I just added some additional frames with secondary movement, while I tried to keep the overall timing and feeling of the animation intact.

1) :thumb718415228:
2) :thumb718415671:

final result:
f) :thumb718416208:
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I think there's someone you'd like to meet if you plan on doing more fire emblem custom animations. His name is bwdyeti and he's really good at making these sorts of fire emblem animations! In fact, watching him is how I personally go into sprite making as a whole!

Halberdier - FE7x by BwdYeti
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he doesn't seem to be active anymore, but cool animations indeed =)
Thanks for sharing.
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"Not active anymore" is one way to put it, I suppose
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i just thought it bc. you haven't uploaded anything in a long while. But cool stuff.
Have you done any pixelart lately?
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I think there's something pretty wrong with your bow if the counter force is that intense.
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just added stuff quickly without much balancing here to save time and put the work instead in the final "upgrade".
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Nice addition of the tip shine and twang!
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Holy crap this is so cool!
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