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GBA Fire-Emblem Research - Archer 2/3

This was part of an investigation series I did on the GBA archer, to find out how the animation was created and what tricks the artists on the game used.
I didn't create this artwork, I merely added the timeline below.

some of my notes

A visualization of the Fire Emblem 7 archer crit animation
"concentration" intro with 3 new frames. reused the standing inbetween (dark blue) a 3-frame spinning arrow loop which is displayed twice. assumed 2h additional work on top of normal atk

1) :thumb718415228:
3) :thumb718415960:

final result:
f) :thumb718416208:
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This is really interesting to see. Thanks for sharing your investigations :)
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You are too kind to post such not only beautiful but useful thing. Thank you. Actually it gave me a couple of good advice how to stop getting pain while making animation attempts. 
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I fucking love the gba fire emblems
Cyangmou's avatar
yeah they are great.
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The movement is very fluid but ive noticed alot of your models have twitchy pixels in the feet. Need to work on the stance
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that's the original graphic from FE6/FE7/FE8 as written in the description I didn't make this, just added the bar to visualize the movement. The last upgraded one I created from scratch.
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Oh, i didnt realize that. But i did notice that problem in your archer sprite, so i thought I'd bring it up
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well I edited it the last one I created originally, but this one is 1:1 the version which was used in the games.
real cool that you analyze stuff like this. No wonder your work turns out so good! :)
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