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Fire Crystal-Dragon

By Cyangmou
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spare time animation I did

Working time: about 12h (design & animation process)
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I wanna make something like that one day

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The browser, incinerated.
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Did you create this image? can i use it on my comercial game? 
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Yeah I am the artist who created this.
No I don't allow you to use it for any of your games.
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Thank you for prompt response
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Amazing work! I like how small it is until the dragon opens its wings! :heart:
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this is really good and cute ;) :icondragonnodplz:
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The preview led me to believe that this had something to do with FireFox.
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verry verry good !!!! [link]
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lol I thought it was a tribute to the firefox logo.
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Its a dragon o.o I must has.
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The dragon with the orb reminds me of the Firefox logo ._.
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THIS DESERVES A DD!!!! Omg that's so f'n amazing :D!!!
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it's a pity that it won't get one. The last one I got is just from a month ago...
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I'm pretty sure you probably will on this one because it's amazing!! and wow you've gotten one before? I don't see why your pixel work is mouth dropping :3
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No the last one was one month ago and usually there has to be a waiting time of 3 months for pixel-art DDs.
I already received 4 DDs [link]
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Wow,your so talented in the pixel art :D Omg so awesome C:!!*watches* and hmm 3 month wait for pixel art DD's. Sigh,wish you didn't have to wait that long,because this absolutely stunning ^-^
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Now this looks interesting
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this looks good :)

but i can't send money trough the internet :(
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