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Evolution of the European Knight


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The main idea behind creating this huge collection of historically correct „knights“ (I know that some are predecessors and successors) came out of the reality that the research behind many video games is very poor and despite using highly realistic 3D styles, they don‘t manage to achieve a realistic look, which is quite an interesting fact. One could argue in terms of believability, but that is very subjective, because the more you know about a subject, the less likely you are to believe certain things. I don‘t believe that you need realism (in terms of an artstyle) to create believability or accurateness, but knowledge.

Therefore I thought it‘d be a fun project to create a huge, HISTORICALLY ACCURATE chart which showcases the development of armour over multiple centuries in small steps. Not with realistic drawings, but in a very stylized art style which is inviting, easily understandable and easily comparative for everyone.

I used a wide variety of sources, first-hand museum material if I could get my hands on it, actual historical sources, if available or at at least guidance from books and pictures within them (also floating around in the internet if I couldn‘t get my hands on the books or sources) which were illustrated by historical illustrators.

The chart contains 39 illustrations of European knights throughout the ages.

A very detailed description, references, sources etc. can be found in this google document (Improved it since the upload with images and Links!):

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That's so cool. Great work!