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Egyptian Desert

By Cyangmou
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Finally I found some time to upload something again, but tomorrow I will release a news post here on Deviantart too. 
I have been working on multiple different things I want to share with you =D

Background work I did in December 2013/January 2014 for a game-project which got canned and never will see the light of day.

other bgs of the project:
Hall of Anubis by Cyangmou
Hellscape by Cyangmou
Snowscape by Cyangmou
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Very nice! May I ask how you made the parallel effect?

I use asesprite but I do not know how to make a "pan" effect where I can hover around a scene since it shows everything all the time.

And again, great gallery this!

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You can do it either by hand (moving every layer the amount of pixels you want - takes very long)

Or you put layers in a game engine and make a gif from the output (requires to know how to use an engine)

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Yes sure I can use an engine. is that how you do it? ;D

But If I use a program, with layers, trouble for me seems to be that if I create a gif, it will show the entire canvas instead of a limited part that I then change the viewpoint on. Guess I have to learn an engine : P

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This looks really nice. It'd be nice and probably possible to replicate in Terraria.
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can i use it? lol
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rights for usage were sold.
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Looks like something from a game I might make one day (once I get as good as you)...great work!
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you are as good as him!
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Keep art up, do a lot of art and think about what you are doing with each piece.
THis alone helps a lot with getting better, but it's also always nice to get good critique on stuff.
If you want to improve, check out - might be one of the best places in the web for pixelart critique.
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Thanks a ton friend!
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I am mesmerized! This reminds me a lot like Metal Slug 2: The first level!
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This is incredible. I saw the thumbnail on the right and clicked, and the final construct was even more elaborate than I thought. 
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That is so awesome! I love the style and details
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cool, thanks for commenting on my pieces =)
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Hey there, this is the creator of the scrapped game. If you want to play the last demo, you can find it here:…
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Absolutely beautiful work here. It looks like it popped right out of a Metal Slug game.
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