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Dr Cool's Cream-Truck

Hey Kids, it's summer and it's hot in Amor's Den, so get some nice cool cream over at Dr. Cools place.

The concept(s) for Amor's Den which will be Tower 57's Hub area came along nicely and the mockup for this area is nearly done. Next to a few other things we finally added a few cars which add a lot of live to this area.

regarding the animation: driving and standing while the motor is on - alternating

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Master of subpixel.
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great design of a steampunk ice cream truck!
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Thanks =)

Only thing is that it's Post-Steampunk, or very early Dieselpunk (before WWII) like most of my personal stuff.
In fact the design for this particular truck was inspired by cars from 1920-1935.
Steampunk would be in the victorian era (1837-1901) and maybe you can even let it go a bit longer if you consider the industrial revolution. But 1920's most of the "innovations" are already well established and the steam engine is at that time mostly considered as outdated.
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Wow, great design and smooth animation... awesome job! :)
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thanks man, if you like it, make sure to check out the devlog =)
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So coooool! I really like the subtle gleam you have going on, makes it looks really polished ;D
Cyangmou's avatar
thanks, glad you liked it
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this is awesome man..
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subpixel wiggle
Cyangmou's avatar
yes =) the effec tdoes the job quite effectively
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it does encapsulate the vroom vroom
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Not bad! Not bad...
Cyangmou's avatar
you knew, you knew ;)
Hyrule452's avatar
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ah cool, thanks man
I hope you like shooters / fast paced (coop) games too =D
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Great Ice-cream truck.
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I really love the old look it has! Can't wait to play Tower 57, keep it up. :D
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vintage look - i like this styles of cars a lot more than todays cars. A lot of the old designs just tend to have a ton of character to them.
Our kickstarter-campaign preparations are moving along quite good, next week we might have a launchdate for the campaign and then we will see in which form the game will/could get realized.
BlastWaves's avatar
Agreed! Vintage cars have style and character, which most new cars sadly lack.

I'll be looking out for the kickstarter! I hope it goes well. :D
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