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Demon's Souls Remake Moodchange

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I played around with the art of the Bluepoint remake to push it in a direction I liked.

What I liked about Demon's Souls is the bleak, dreamlike atmosphere the game had. It's not really "beautiful" judged by ideals of average beauty ideals, however the narrative with the Miasma set the tone.
"That is, until the colorless Deep Fog swept across the land. Boletaria was cut off from the outside world, and those who dared penetrate the Deep Fog never returned"
Also the line
"You fool. Don't you understand? No one wishes to go on…" of King Allant at the end pretty much tied up the atmosphere for me together. There is a deep depression radiating through everything and on an artistic level the way how they managed to capture this got me hooked.

Well I looked at the trailer and for me personally it misses the mark. This doesn't mean that I don't want anyone to be hyped about it, but I am not. And I am not because I am a fan of how different, fresh and well thought out Demon's Souls and all it's levels have been.
That being said we didn't see gameplay, that's probably the thing which aged the most in DeS.

What I would criticize from a purely technical standpoint in the remastered is the bright sky, which is taking away the visual focus, that the character blends too much with the surroundings and that clear leveldesign pathways, like the tunnel are not highlighted effectively (changed all of that in my change).
What I would praise is all the details of the assets, they are gorgeous, I just don't particularly enjoy the way they are lit and/or built together - mainly the architecture seemed to have a much wider range in the original game and made a tad more sense to me. Now I am having the samey gothic architecture, featured in all different locations of the reveal trailer we had so far.

If I could set change the direction, I would like to keep it in line with the tone the original established.
That's a battle fought on lost ground, because since I am working in the industry  I know that user research and the average consumer's beauty ideal rather tends towards the left.
Everyone got their taste, however maybe a minority of you might enjoy it.
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Ilumination seems to be a problem with this kind of remake, as many have said before. Shadow of the Colossus is a good example I have seen mentioned here too.

But, after all, detail and beauty can be found even when part of the atmosphere is lost. I, personally, am ok with the changes, as it's the result of changing standards and the lack of technical limitations making designers look for interesting ways to both occult faults and give a strong tone at the same time.

Let's hope for the game's success and maybe we could have further opportunities for new iterations of the franchise that could recover what has been lost, also bringing new things to praise.

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CyangmouProfessional Digital Artist

The normal lifecycle of a franchise is, that there is first something people love and then due to the momentum a lot of people get pulled in, but the direction gets changed to something less and less unique to keep more and more people interested.

I mean, sure the game could be decent, maybe it even will be good. There are many games which are considered great I am personally not interested in.

I don't think success will bring back anything. The changes in direction are made because the audience which liked the direction of the first one is much smaller and the audience which likes the direction of the second one is much bigger.

So no, from here on out, there won't be recovery, just more mainstream decisions which guarantee the sales numbers.

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I remember when the Bluepoint Shadow of the Colossus remake came out, and only a few people spoke up on the visual differences affecting the atmosphere of the game, namely in how dust and fog are very mild and thin in comparison. Most people thought the visuals were fantastic regardless.

I've noticed this time, people are picking up on the changes negatively affecting the carefully considered atmosphere of the original by being brighter, less dream like and more gothic. I'm hopeful they, maybe they won't overhaul everything, but at least keep in mind how aware people are of the original's style and how careful they need to be about the changes they make.

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CyangmouProfessional Digital Artist

Looking at all the screenshots, they do a complete overhaul.

I just think that at this point Fromsofts fangroup from way back and all the new people which came in just have quite a different taste.

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Haven't played Demon's Souls, but as an outsider looking in, I prefer the moody atmosphere of the original
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CyangmouProfessional Digital Artist

Yeah it's pretty hard to get the atmosphere Demon's Souls had just from a screenshot.

So if you haven't played it number 1 probably doesn't feel off. But if you know about the overall feel of the game, you'll understand.

Go and play it =)

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now THATS something man!👏🏻

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I agree so much and prefer you edit !

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Dingo153Hobbyist Digital Artist

Question: Why did you remove the trees?

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CyangmouProfessional Digital Artist

Because from a story arc the miasma was destroying all life. Even if the dragon is flying over the mountains in the trailer you can see how the foliage crumbles down. If a tree is dead within a couple of years it will rot away, esepcially if it's small thin trees. A huge really thick tree might stand around for long.

Funghi and moss and ferns are more resistant than trees... I think they simply would die off in this scenario.

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Dingo153Hobbyist Digital Artist

Interesting. Thank you for answering my question.

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i feel like the right image is much more focused

its an excellent presentation toward the viewer of the destination they are going to

its a spectacle

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CyangmouProfessional Digital Artist

I think both, DeS and the first DkS really managed to show the players destination, but also the players journey. Lik eit wa salways possible to see the locations in the background, and I htink there is something satisfying in the way how you can see how fare you came. Or just wonder what secrets migh tbe hidden in a landmark you can see from afar.

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Very nice :love:

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