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Creya Animation

By Cyangmou
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Original character from me.
An attempt at doing an fluid animation, just discovering the wonderful world of animations.
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Sick animations man! Hope you'll make more! Have you considered animating a sword fight?

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CyangmouProfessional Digital Artist
haven't considered animating a swordfight, but i animated a bunch of single character related battle moves, throughout my career as game artist =)
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Maybe some references will give you insight on doing more fluid animations. Try taking a look see at these.

I'm sure these should help you in case you do plan to do an action scene. It's just a suggestion of course it's honestly up to you~ Wish you the best on your work!
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CyangmouProfessional Digital Artist
it's cool stuff, thanks for sharing.
But this is TV animation and I am doing game animation, which is a very distinctive differentiation.
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Oh yeah no problem at all! I mean I do my best to make my comments like this one encouraging as I can^^ I hope it's enough~
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Wow! What did you use for this and how long did this take you? This is super and flows so well!
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CyangmouProfessional Digital Artist
originally this wa sanimated in gimp, while now I would use graphics gale.
It took a very long time to animate, because it was the first animation I did like this =)
Thanks =)
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autopicaHobbyist Interface Designer
Awesome! Very impressive! It seems it has SVG base design. If so, you can also try uploading it to autopica.com. maybe like this? Example
Cheers! :happybounce: :happybounce: 
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TheFlyingPancake12YTHobbyist General Artist
Are you open to Comiisions? Just wondering 
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gameyanProfessional Filmographer
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TwinBlazarHobbyist General Artist
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How is this even possible.
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nice animation...

Yantram 3D Character Modeling Studio
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longlovevegetaHobbyist Digital Artist
Great movement :) really looks alive - I dunno why but it instantly reminded me of Golden Axe xD
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ashrira12345Hobbyist General Artist
I want to know what software u used?Its really pro work!
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CyangmouProfessional Digital Artist
did that back then with gimp.
Would recommend GraphicsGale now.
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MrCattyWolfHobbyist Filmographer
How did you put the animation together? Its AWESOME!
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al1n7aStudent Filmographer
great work!
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ninoblackHobbyist Digital Artist
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ana-jitterbugHobbyist General Artist
This is lovely, I was wondering, how did you upload this file? Did you upload it like a normal deviation? because I can't upload mine, and I was just seeing if you did it normally or not. Thank you :)
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CyangmouProfessional Digital Artist
Suppose large gifs are limited to Deviantart Premium Members - that's what somebody told me a while ago, but I am not too sure about it.

If that's the case (that's only for premium members) I have to say that Deviantart does really well if it comes to huge gifs - this one however is small.
I don't know ig there is any comparable site around, in fact Deviantart was the only place where I coul upload my latest animated mockup piece properly.
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ana-jitterbugHobbyist General Artist
Ok, well thank you for your help, I appreciate it :) I'll see what I can do.
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