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Another year passed, Another anniversary for this char. Another time "the same" sprite design. Wanted to keep up the tradition.

Executed to the best of my current ability.

15 color sprite, 1 color for cast shadow (maybe transparency)

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Now I can really, really enjoy this.

Lace-clothes, ponytail, red hair, natural curls, corset, garter belt, high-heel shoes, well-placed mole, business and that expression that seemingly tells us she looks sexy, maybe turns heads bit too much and it damn proud of it. What's not to love? 
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I honestly don't know what's not to love about her.
it's certainly my most beloved OC :D

I am glad that you are enjoying her as well.
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I sure am damn enjoying her, man. 
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Is it possible that you can animate this? This is awesome. 
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It would be possible yes, although it would take really long.
I did animated facial expressions and idle animations at this size before, but the downside of it is that it takes really long and currently I don't have any time to do so.

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That is...amazing :O
Just looked at all versions together and damn, the more time passes, the less colors are used and the better it looks. 
It feels like you really improved with every single version, wow.

oh and well done of course :D
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sorry for the late answer, have been pretty busy last week.

Yeah th emore time passes and the longer you keep the craft up, the more you learn.
Usually you learn a lot in the first years and then it's mainly detail improvements and style decisions because you get better with knowing all options at your hands - options you can't even clearly see once you start out.

thx for commenting =)
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Keine Sorge (und sorry dass schon wieder auf Englisch geschrieben habe, Gewohnheit hier auf DA^^).

Und ich kann nachvollziehen was du meinst, ich mache das jetzt vielleicht 5-6 Wochen, aber wenn ich mir mein erstes Bild anschaue und dann meine Neusten, erkenne ich sofort wie sehr ich mich verbessert habe. Gleichzeitig ist mir klar, dass bei Pixel Art irgendwo eine Grenze ist, vorallem wenn beispielsweise ein,zwei Pixel einen Fuß ausmachen. Ab da werde ich wohl, wie du sagst mich mehr mit Details beschäftigen, da ich die "Basics" dann drauf habe :)

Und danke fürs Antworten^^
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You take good care of your OC (muse). Great job.
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Feels like there is much more texture. And the pose is definitely improved eve though slightly. Great to see your progress as a pixel artist with those other examples together. 
Great stuff!
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yeah mostly a change in style. Just setting some new style standards I want to keep up in future works.
There are many things I tested the last year and some things I found out.
I barely have possibilities to build a lot of those technical observations in sprites.
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Here's very question: what's wrong with her breast?
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corset and pushed up?
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Is Wonderful!!
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thanks a lot.
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The shadowing, sheer amount of detail, and overall design is absolutely sublime. Exquisite work.
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glad you like it.
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This looks awesome and is in my favorite colors xD
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THAT MY FAV DDASDASDAS !!!!! nice job btw '-' 
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