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Classic RPG Monster Set

This are: Troll, Devil, Lizardman, Undine and Evil Eye - 5 preview examples for a complete stock monster set I created.
Uploaded them here at deviantart, to give you pixel art fans some eye candy =)

So what makes this sprites great from a pixel art/gamedev perspective?
-art direction is strongly inspired by classic fantasy RPGs
-64x64px sprites - works very well with todays modern-retro pixel art resolutions, twice the size most classic RPGs had
-colors/detail/shading is comparable to the pro-work in early Squaresoft games (despite the upped resolution)
-overall limited palette (easy recoloring, strong 16-bit aesthetics)

The complete set with 50 monsters includes the most common generic fantasy creatures and enough of em to fill a full classic RPG (supporting battle system types like Lufia, FF I, FFII, early Dragon Quest's etc)
I am selling licenses for gamedev usage over at Gamedev-Market
Or write me directly via Dev-Art, if you want to get them a bit cheaper.

Complete 50 monster set preview
Basic: Wyvern, Goblin, Slime, Dwarf, Golem, Troll, Minotaur, Gryphon, Werewolf, Cerberus;
Undead: Skeleton, Zombie, Nosferatu, Reaper, Skullbat, Frankenmonster, Cursed Armor, Devil, Iron Maiden, Worm;
Ancient: Scorpion, Scarabeus, Cobra, Mummy, Anubis, Lizardman, Sphinx, Ifrit, T-Rex, Gargoyle;
Monstergirl: Succubus, Will o' Wisp, Medusa, Harpy, Arachne, Alraune, Undine, Mermaid, Cursed Doll, Witch;
Special: Mimic, Gourmetplant, Snail, Sahagin, Squid, Kelpie, Evileye, Mothman, Cyclop, Munin;
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Oh gosh, I love these so much
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Love your art!

I bought complete 50 monster set! It was totally worth it
I'm making rpg/stratergy game with this characters now :D

do u have plan for making more or this?
It would be amazing if there's more of choices. (ex 50 main character set) lol
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I also made an iconset…

which are currently all asset-products I have for sale.
I am also quite busy these days, so there is no time to produce more asset packs right now.
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Great work as ever.
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Your skill level makes me feel very insecure as a pixel artist ._.
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Why is everyone better than me ;_;
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Your sprites are quite good. But cyangmou isn't just 'everyone', he is one of the best pixel artists in the world, top-level.
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most probably you just need more practice.
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looks great!
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[insert witty yet heartfelt comment]

But seriously, awesome stuff.
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do you take commissions of these?
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awesome, though no water spirit to drag warriors to a watery grave?
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