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Blasphemous - Cathedral

One of the big scenes I created for Blasphemous.
Here I got specifically hired to illustrate the big cathedral, both the bridge and sky were provided by the artteam.

The challenge was to hit the direction of the game, make it work within a single screen and to create a sinister and intimidating looking entrance.
Compared to real cathedrals I used an unique proportion rhythm And used the the light and elements to create the feeling.
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The work you did for Blasphemous is really good !

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You're welcome Cyangmou. :)

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Wait what!? You're on this now??

Hot dang!

Just exactly what this game needed!

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I have been freelancing on it quite some time ago, it just happened to get a release just now.

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Oh hey! I saw this posted on Twitter. Amazing work!
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The cathedral wall is incredible

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you.... you... made art for this game?!?

i guess this makes it a must buy then
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I did some art for it, although just on a freelance basis.

So I don't benefit in any way from the sales.

Read some reviews on steam and decide for yourself if it's worth buying.

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ah ok
well, i actually watched all the boss battles
that and i like metroidvanias.

im kinda put off by all the blood and creepy stuff tough
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Wow is excellent :D
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Beautifully done even for a really dark and messed up/creep game. I mean seriously I saw the trainer for it I'm like "So basically it's almost like Castlevaina meets Silent Hill except it drops all pretenses."
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I personally think that Blasphemous is between oldschool Castlevania and Dark Souls (Demon Souls / Bloodborne).

It certainly wants to be seen as a dark, tough and gritty game.

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The original Silent Hill will always have a special place within disturbed depths of my subconscious.

Souls is probably still more accurate but I think Silent Hill is actually a really interesting comparison for those that played it way back.

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Silent Hill generally is a great game. Just played the first part the other day.

The great thing about Silent hill is that it makes you feel powerless and exploits you psychologically and all the monsters etc. are also a reflection.

Generally Silen Hill seems to play on a lot of fears, just the setting with the town, where the fire is still burning below that people can't life there is a great parallel to something like Chernobyl which was much more a scenario of constant fear for the people as it was released.

A lot of great eerie games manage to play on fears which are in the subconscious of people at a time, another example would be Majora's Mask and the upcoming Millenium back then.

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I had no idea that you were involved with Blasphemous...I absolutely adored your work on The Mummy Demastered, and I've had Blasphemous on my Steam Wishlist for a while now. How cool is this? Keep up the excellent work sir. :)
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really great level for blasphemous.
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I like it. good work-!:D
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I'm really in love with the pixel art of Blasphemous, great work!
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this is really awesome. lights and view... I love it! :-)
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Yo, man, the work you and the other folks at the studio did for the game is absolutely stellar, some of the best and unique art I have seen contained in a video game in recent years!

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