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As the towers were built, the monumental bridges leading to Tower 57 were decorated with enormous birds, staring in the distance and holding the isnsignias of the workers.
Nowadays everyone has forgotten their intented purpose - even if the symbolism doesn't seem to be appropriate anymore, the government of tower 57 has more ambitious plans than exchanging some monuments of the past.

-Kickstarter Trailer (from August 2015)
-Tower 57 on Twitter
-Development News

Tower 57 - Logo by Cyangmou

Waterspout by CyangmouDr Cool's Cream-Truck by CyangmouTower 57 - Herald Angel Process by Cyangmou


Initial Update from this deviation:

Tower 57 is coming along nicely, but to finish it in in a reasonable amount of time in our sparetime it would take quite a lot of time.
Currently I am really busy building lots of new graphics and scenes for a trailer and I can finally concentrate on fleshing out the gameworld and put in a lot of attention to some details which will create interesting visual lore for people who actually want to "visit" the world not only as gamers, but also as "tourists".
For me it is really important that gameworlds are actually filled with some objects or details which could lead to interesting stories for the observer.
If I just look at my most favorite games, all of them have that approach and adding a few of those details to add "soul" to the worlds feels also really satisfying.

Kickstarter launched in Germany some weeks ago. Benito and I are currently planning out a funding campaign for Tower 57, considering the scope of the game and what the average "effective" funding amounts are (after taxes and fees) it could be possible to ensure a fulltime development for our project.

To estimate our chances for kickstarter, we set up a mailing list for people who are interested in the project and we will also mail some exclusive material to our subscribers

There also have been constant Devlog updates over the last weeks:…
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It's really interesting how you manage to show the shape of an object just with a few "strokes", if you understand what I mean :)
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Imo good pixelart lives from a well-thought-out cluster placement.
And well placed clusters always have that touch of simplicity.
I'd even say that pixel art generally looks always a lot simpler than it actually is to craft.

E.g. I remember as I saw the Fire-Emblem animations on the GBA way back as I played it - and those looked on a sprite by sprite basis fairly simple as well. As I started with pixel art 4.5 years ago and tried to replicate them I failed horrible.
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this is perfect
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Really like your colors! The water reflection looks really good as well :0
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Reflections and light effects always add a lot of atmosphere
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