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Basic Tiling

By Cyangmou
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Short and slim basic explanations how infinite loopable textures or basic tiles work.
Don't went in depth to explain how to do textures.

feel free to post feedback/questions in the comments

If you want to go a step further and learn more about how to connect various tile textures check out this tutorial by Pix3M

Metatiles - In a Nutshell by Pix3M
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Does anyone know why my GraphicsGale does not have the tile option in the preview? I cannot figure out why
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don't know.

But maybe your version of GG isn't actual.
I also don't know if that's supported in the free test version, that could also be the case.
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It was just out of date. I didn't realize there was a newer version.
No-Ones-Socks's avatar
Nice tutorial! I am just beginning with pixel art and I never even thought of tiling.. I should try it out sometime! ^^
BirdyCrossing's avatar
....TIL Gale has a tiling feature LOL

But anyways, this is extremely helpful, thank you for sharing! I always had trouble with getting tiles to line up perfectly, so I'll definitely keep all this in mind for the future :D
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For some reason my version does not have that option and I cannot figure out why. It is the paid version as well.
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You gave me some ideas on how to make my tiling even faster! Thanks :) Great work as always, Cyan!
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Amazing!, thanks mate! really ;)
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I've seen many sizes for isometric tiles, but does any size work well? Like 80x70?
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80x70 won't work for iso tiles.
It's important that the edges are 2:1 pixels and that you have an odd number of pixels in the middle of the tile, to guarantee sharp edges, if you are drawing a box or a cube.
The templates I provided in the tut are the ones I'd use.
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Ok, and would tiles like these work?
Cyangmou's avatar
yeah, iso cubes. they work, but you need to have them overlapping ofc.
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I've actually heard that tiles are 8x8 pixels.
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yeah it's also possible to have 8x8 tiles, it wasn't uncommon on the SNES, but there is a vast variety of tiles.
However there were also games on the SNES which used 16x16 pieces (4-tile square metas) because that's much faster to map in an editor.
In fact you could use every size or shape you want, but if the tile is to small you get limited with the amount of pixels. If the tile gets to big it might take to long to craft a single one.
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Lovely resource!
Banished-Dreams's avatar
Thank you very much for this helpful tutorial!
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Awesome, definitely helpful!
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I was surprised by this as well. But when I checked in my software, the option wasn't available even though it is the paid version.
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When was the last time you downloaded it ? It took me years to realize the software is still being updated, and the version I downloaded last week had the tile option...
(paid version as well)
plexcom's avatar
Ah that was it. I didn't realize it was being updated regularly either. Thanks, I wouldn't have realized.
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