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Archsage Athos - Fire Emblem 7 - Hi Bit

High-Bit Sprite artwork of Archsage Athos
This character originally was featured in Fire Emblem: Rekka no Ken, which was in the west simple released as "Fire Emblem" for the GBA in 2003.

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Hey man, it's a beautiful sprite, good job! 😃

However, can I be allowed to use your art in my RPG Maker game?

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Hello & Thanks,

Can't allow you to use those sprites in games, but if you are looking for assets I got an assetstore over here with licenced graphics:

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super cool work, I really like the shading here
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Can you do the blazing sword next?… I think this is an awesome sprite!
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That beard is now even more magnificent
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This looks like the next generation pixel art post ps1 
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Awesome work, I really love the reflection you everytime use on your pieces. It adds a lot of depth, and so.
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The strongest Magic user ever! Makes Gandulf the grey and Merlin look like mere mages
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Beautiful! Keep em’ Coming these hi res fire emblem sprites are what I wish the new games looked like!
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Awesome piece, Athos is a monster.
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Reminded me a bit of the wizards from Dark Legions
Yeah, I need to play that Fire Emblem
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love this art <3
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thats some amazing work <3 
Very nice work! Nod 
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