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Adjusted Steamfantry

personal pixel art illustration.
54 colors,

This is a concept for a fictional steampunk world.



The original Steamfantry dates back about half a century ago. It was during these clockwork ages that the first serialization of war machines began taking advantage of limbic technologies. These barely yielding heavy iron armors got equipped with piston muscles. A simple, but sturdy design, which still provides unmatched defensive abilities and is nearly indestructible.

The defensive Steamfantry went obsolete when the empire started to focus more on the development of mobile units to quickly decide battles for themselves, so the old technology was not up-to-date with the new strategies. After the enemy had adapted to these highly offensive tactics however, the need for a strong defensive units arose again, and the quick solution was to retrofit the old suits of armor.

The newly adjusted Steamfantry proved to be stunningly effective. In the battlefields of the cold North the engine and pistons counteracted glaciation and kept the pilot nice and cozy in unbearable heat. Said engines were smaller, more powerful, and fuelled by diesel; giving the units speed and mobility, completely overshadowing its predecessor.

The most efficient way to disable the adjusted Steamfantry is to push it over. Against such acts it can brace its massive bladed shield into the ground to gain additional stability. That is, if anyone manages to get through the fire of the calamitous minigun mounted to it's arm.
And even if the unit is downed, the surviving chances of the soldier are fairly large, the pilot must only await the support of allied forces.


concept art:

Heavy-Infantry by Cyangmou


Stormcrow by Cyangmou
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Look, Mr. Bubbles, it's an angel!

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Thanks For Add Steampunk by malre
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well it's actually pixel art.
I could imagine a whole army marching slowly into my position. It's terrifying.
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The levels of epic are high in this!! :D
Cyangmou's avatar
glad you liked it =)
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reminds me of a Big Daddy
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it really does looks like a Big Daddy from BioShock
Yeah you're right.
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I really liked a lot of the designwork of Bioshock.
The diving suit I used as a reference really existed and was created in 1882 - it also heavily reminded me of a suit of gothic armor…

There is Just too much cool stuff around in the real world =D
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I would like to see what would happen if you did further designs along this concept. How about making the shield slide back on the arm to attach itself to the back, and even partially fold to partially conform to back plate of the armor so as not to get in the way when not in use? Also, perhaps the gun on the arm should be modular so that other types of guns can be attached or detached on the arm as needed. The only critique I have of this design is that the ammunition magazine on the elbow and its positioning in terms of how it feeds into the gun seems to be a bit unwieldy and prone to jamming because of its angle and the fact that its exposed to an outside environment. I think that it would be better served to be positioned behind some sort of housing to protect it, in addition to the fact that perhaps that putting the magazine on the back would probably be less clumsy to the wearer.

Also, it would be neat if there was a more "advanced" version of this armor further down the timeline, with similar components, but looking like it was designed by Raymond Loewy at the height of the art deco design movement, with a stainless steel "chromed toaster" finish instead of copper and brass.
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There is some really interesting stuff you said, currently I am really busy with designing tons of other things and in the foreseeable future I won't get back to this design.
The universe for which this design is intented actually don't has any artdeko, there are more neorenaissance and gothic elements.
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Of course...but perhaps you could have an "art deco" set of powered armor in an alternate universe.

Thank you for replying.
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If you like artdeco you maybe want to follow Tower57, my current project.
It's a twinstick shooter and takes place in a huge artdeco tower.

just uploaded a statue i did for it earlier today =)
Birdgod Guardians by Cyangmou
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This is super awesome, the details and colors are great. I can see this being used in a game. :) My feelings draws toward something along the lines of Strife for PC, maybe with a character animation system like that in Terra Nova: Strike Force Centauri, for greater dynamics.

Here is an actual steam-powered "suit" design from 1917;… just the bare minimum for mobility (hardly). The power-pack on the back idea is just the logical choice it seems. :XD:
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it's just a static sprite, which might or might not be used as converation sprite.
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Is this Bioshock inspired? I really like it!
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What I particularly like about this 1880-1940's direction is that it's close enough to reality to be completely believable, but it has enough possible elements to set up fantastical worlds/sceneries.
It's "human" centered and there is the human inventiveness and there are machines - all of this emphasizes the scenario, while it still leaves space for some fantasy and sci-fi concepts.

Bioshock (but just the first installment of the series) is a game which deeply awed me.
First of all it falls in this time, it brings up a lot of concepts which I'd say is very worthwhile to think of - therefore it's also one of the very few games I played which made me think about the game outside the game - and I just really love it if a game provides first and foremost just entertainment, but has then also a fair bit more to offer if you want to delve a bit deeper.

This is the way how I feel Bioshock inspired me =)
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Wow, awesome. I really love BioShock too, especially the first two ones. They have really nice atmosphere :)
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Great textures!
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