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A Point about Pixelart

An example I made, because some people might think that you can achieve a pixelart look with a filter.
Nope, this won't ever work.
Without trying to find a clear definition, pixel art is a sum of careful, mindful, stylistic choices of the artist making something highly readable and clean at a low resolution.
Pixel art is not just something which is painted with a pencil tool and looks very crude, despite some people might want to sell it like that to you.
Basically you should consider the art on a pixel-level, and look at the details.
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gosh, I had this discussion with n00bs in game dev so often but it's useless. 
they think " minecraft ", "undertale" and "terraria" are great pixel art.... -____-
and when you try to explain / show them better, they bash you with
"durr, dat's not viable as indie-game pixel art! dat's much too expensive and high res!"