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February 27, 2021
2020 by Cyangmou
Featured by C-91
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realized in pixelart
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It’s just so big...

It’s... “huge”

This has been a TRUMP JOKE

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Woah.. amazing work!

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This is... pixel? Just meticulous detail touch with so much subtlety in tone & degree which leaves the viewer floored.

Also the surreal imagery and design deserves praise, Max Ernst paintings meets the imagery of game Blasphemous but with an original twist going beyond those influences and creating a Eldritch, unwelcome world incomprehensible & whelming power that we aren't ready. The "warm atmosphere and backlit light rays" only add to the sinister ominousness this art expresses.

So much mixed emotions and extremes, a perfect visual to associate the end of year 2020 with.

Window07's avatar

Lovely work. I like the design of the knight and the bizarre horse.

Cyangmou's avatar

Guess that's the part which stands out most =)

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Congrats on the dd!

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Woah this is cool!
Sinperium's avatar

Love the look of this. Where is the concept from?

Cyangmou's avatar

What you mean "Where is it from"

I am creating those things. So from me.

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Cool. Didn’t know if it was fan art or your original idea.

Very cool. Love it.

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The ophidian horseman, nice touch!

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Nice artwork. And no, 2020 is nothing like this picture at all. This here is awesome, & has actually creativity. 2020 is shit in a way that nothing valuable or even interesting comes from it.

magigrapix's avatar

Yes, 2020 did feel a bit like that, didn't it?

Cyangmou's avatar

Pretty much, that's why I painted this one.

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WHOOO this is look so cool... :o

the armor is looking so good and detailed.

he is looking so heroic :D

Jeremy-The-Guy's avatar

Yep, that about sums it up 😅

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I think it dosn't looks as scary enought. ;-)

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Great work!!! :clap: Congrats on your DD!

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