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My Bio
Contact: (please contact me here for business inquires, bc. I preferably get them via E-Mail)
cyangmou [at] gmx-topmail [dot] de

Note: Currently I am under full-time contract until August of 2019, this makes me unavailable for taking up any game-project related work.
Business from my side is only open for small commissions not exceeding a day of work (e.g. single sprites, twitch emotes etc.)


If you want to talk about commissions shoot me a note.

Hey There,
I am a professional artist and animator, specialized in pixel art with additional knowledge regarding game design and project-planning.
After attending a school for engineering, I started out my professional career in 2012 as freelance artist.
So far I have been working on over a dozen released games as artist, lead artist or art director (Adventure Time, The Mummy Demastered, Tower 57,...) and helped out with prototype work for publisher pitches or consultancy on indie projects for a lot of other projects.

Services I am offering range from consultancy for 2D & pixel art graphics, pixel art graphics for 2D games, Twitch emotes and single-sprite commissions.

I see myself mainly as (European medieval) fantasy / steampunk artist who prefers darker scenarios.
My personal fields of interest include (Central European) late medieval - WWI history, medieval arms & armor, architecture (mainly Gothic & Art Deko) and game design.

If you have any request, especially for business just contact me via E-Mail.

Favourite Visual Artist
Dutch School, H.C. Berann, Manfred Deix, James Gurney
Favourite Movies
too many to mention, TIm Burton, all Silly Symphonies Cartoons, early Tarantino movies - just to give a rough direction
Favourite TV Shows
Hellsing (+OVA), Fate Zero, Violet Evergarden, Spice&Wolf, Tanya the Evil, Avatar TLA, GoT (up to season 4), Psycho Pass,
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
METAL: Battle Beast, Sabaton, Rammstein, CLASSIC: Tchaikowsky, Wagner SYNTHWAVE: Darksynth
Favourite Books
The Fountainhead, Lovecraft Innsmouth, Berserk Series, Alice in Wonderland
Favourite Writers
Jules Verne, H.P. Lovecraft
Favourite Games
Majora's Mask, Dark Souls 1, NES/SNES GBA Fire Emblems, Castlevania series, Bioshock I, Mischief Makers
Favourite Gaming Platform
Tools of the Trade
Wacom Intuos 4
Other Interests
history - late medieval & renaissance, Austria/Germany ~1880-1950, architecture, psychology, paleontology, anatomy


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You can do it either by hand (moving every layer the amount of pixels you want - takes very long)

Or you put layers in a game engine and make a gif from the output (requires to know how to use an engine)

Egyptian Desert

No Problem. Glad that I could help you. If you do games, maybe check out my assetstore, there might be some helpful basics for you:

Pixelart Sins 2 - Beginner Issues
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Thanks a lot. I love armoour and I am glad that you appreciate the designs I come up with =)

The normal lifecycle of a franchise is, that there is first something people love and then due to the momentum a lot of people get pulled in, but the direction gets changed to something less and less unique to keep more and more people interested.

I mean, sure the game could be decent, maybe it even will be good. There are many games which are considered great I am personally not interested in.

I don't think success will bring back anything. The changes in direction are made because the audience which liked the direction of the first one is much smaller and the audience which likes the direction of the second one is much bigger.

So no, from here on out, there won't be recovery, just more mainstream decisions which guarantee the sales numbers.

Demon's Souls Remake Moodchange

Looking at all the screenshots, they do a complete overhaul.

I just think that at this point Fromsofts fangroup from way back and all the new people which came in just have quite a different taste.

Demon's Souls Remake Moodchange