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I like yuri.

I meant the lilies, not THAT yuri.

But then again, I also like that yuri. 

Note: I failed as an artist, that's Octavia.
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Beautiful Yuri.... Love 

NOT THAT YURI!scared.... "the 2nd"  I mean the yuri-pony...above
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Sweet yuri ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
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Oops, I better get off this page. I'm not aloud to see yuri ;) Man! I like this too!
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DAMMIT! I'm so jelly of your artstyle D: please sensei! TEACH ME YOUR WAYS!
Helsaabi's avatar
It's really cute! <3
VipeyDashie's avatar
Quiet Impressive!! *o* I love it
scadl's avatar
That description!... :D

Also, I whish, I "failed" with such beatiful results... :(
HareTrinity's avatar
Nice! :D

And nice description. =p
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Best Octavia Yuri pic eva!
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Didn't realize it was Octavia. Still, she's cute though!
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FWIW, your other pics are very clear on who is who :)
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wait this looks nothing like a soviet mind control specialist... Oh wait we're not talking about Yuri are we? (Sorry. Yuri's revenge was my Favorite real-time strategy game And the only Yuri I know of)

My silliness aside the drawing has a lot of elegance in its simplicity.
CyanAeolin's avatar
The yuri I'm talking about is rather ... ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)  But yeah I'm also know of Yuri's revenge. Thanks! 
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Really like all the shades of this particular color you used. Looks awesome! Who doesn't love Yuri?
Happy new years man!  
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Thanks! And happy new years too!
AnimatedForLife's avatar
It's beautiful.

Her mane flowing freely like the lily blooming below.

Those two colors create a clear tone and place our focus on the elegant strokes.

I always love seeing your OC, and this piece really captures her well. Since she's not smiling as I'm used to, it also brings a new feeling for me. Thanks so much for sharing this ^_^
CyanAeolin's avatar
I love reading comments like this. That was nice, thanks!

There's just one thing, it's actually Octavia :3
AnimatedForLife's avatar
Haha. Easy mistake to make.

They're both kindred spirits, after all.

Gentle, elegant, and awesome! ^_^
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