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"If I draw them cute enough, maybe they won't notice my shoddy background"

"If I draw the background good enough, maybe they won't notice my shoddy ocs"

Anje's eyes are intentional.
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Hmm... What a shoddy background! Wait, the ponies... The ponies are too shoddy. :/

I'm joking, it's look amazing! They are travelling between dimensions by house. The left pony look like blind, but the right pony enjoy the view. And I think they are twins. :3

Seriously, I really love what you're doing ^^
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Once again, the sky has fish!
I am a dummy!
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I always enjoy your backgrounds CA no matter how minimalist they are just because they always are so dream-like... which is one reason why I think you are an awesome artist. Also, I like the pony on the left's expression, very calm :)
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This is amazing!
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Awesome. Really like the expressions on your OC's there.
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I wish I could be as shoddy as you.
Dang it, your art style is just so darn cute.  I may try to steal some of it at some point.
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LOL it's still awesome ;3
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The mare on the left..

Her eyes looked dead and far-away.

Did she witness something terrible?
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That's just her design, I think it goes well with her character being mute and all.
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Amazing!! :D I love the background the most actually ^^ But the scene with those two is so so sweet! ^.^
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It makes me feel like im floating. :D
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"If I draw everything well enough, maybe they'll appreciate everything".

Love the pink an blue hues swirling in the sky, and your OCs are awesome as ever...the darkness in Anje's eyes is also intriguing.

Two dark ones in a row. Did something happen? ;P
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Heh, thanks. I think dead fish eyes fits her character a lot, so I'm sticking with it ^^
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Haha, nice! Definitely brings out a whole new feeling; especially knowing how gentle those eyes once were.

Seeing this piece again, I completely overlooked Kiyona o_O

Who I would've suspected of tainting Anje (with tragic tales of breakfast past) if it weren't for how bright-eyed she is now...and the fact that you told me why ^^'

Personal theory: The scarf swapped their souls x3
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Minimalistic and dreamy. I love it.
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