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Masterpiece =w=
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12/10 Better than perfect
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2/10 Too Much Drawing
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7.8/10  We're too jealous!
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Those lines are so smooth
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Oh my god. This is so beautiful, it must have taken hours!!
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See why I rant about how jealous I get of your art skills? 
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Genius. Pure, absolute genius.
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Nostalgic. Brings back the 6-7 year old in all of us.
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This is truly a Masterpiece. Nothing you have done untill this day and nothing you'll ever do from now on can ever match up with this Picture
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At that point nobody could have imagined what was hiding behind that smile. :iconlescaredplz:
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The way you drew the tree is spectacular. Have you considered selling it?
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10/10 would make it as wallpaper throwback.

it's so amazing work m8, looks so MLG to me, you quick scoped me lelelelle XDDD

(Silly comment is silly)
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Eeeeyup, still pretty much better than anything I've ever done XD Just because #cyanaeolin drew it :D <3
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Sick drawing skills. I like the shading.
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Thanks! glad you noticed the shading
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I just have an eye for details :)
Will there be an entire Man Stick Series? Really digging the dialogues so far, what I miss is the action.
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*starts to sing* 
Man Stick, Maaan Stiiiick! Alone in the world, it's a little Man Stick!
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