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Magic Knight Tavi

Magic Knight class from Disgaea D2

I've been playing this game for some time now, so addicting.
Ugh ... I don't have taste when it comes to swords.
Aaand I'm not in the mood for backgrounds.

Anyone a fan here of Disgaea? please don't tell me I'm alone :<
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oh with favourite unite? nice!

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very cool pose !
Disgaea? oh sh... that is a serious addiction
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Great work! <3
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You're welcome! ^w^
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Fun fact: My Rune Knight in Disgaea games has always been named Luna, many years before MLP.
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Tavi knight is best knight.
Also, I am now very tempted to look up this Disgaea you speak of.
P.S. glad to see your art is as good as ever, better even.
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Tavi is best in everything!

If you're a fan of strategy rpg's, then I would totally recommend this.
P.S. Thank you!! 
Certainly not the only one.  The first one had a good story and good mechanics.  It was a fantastic game all around, I think, though the game is generally pretty heavily focused on grinding and power-leveling rather than strategy.  For the most part if you're a low level no matter how well you play it you can't win and if you had high enough power it was practically impossible to lose.

The second one saw some greater variance in utility and some expanded mechanics and such (I loved the Land of Carnage), but the story really went downhill (in my opinion).  Biggest and most important changes that enhanced the gameplay were the increased poison damage and the class abilities that made it matter more where you placed your units and just what kind of unit they were, as well as the 20% stat debuff on depraved targets, making it matter if you put it on enemies at all.

Currently playing through 3 myself, and the story...let's just say I don't play the game for the story anymore.  Still, I'm a completionist, and will keep going at it.

'Tavi makes a pretty good Magic Knight.  You should do a ninja sometime.  They were my favorite class in the first one because of their godlike evasion skills which were seriously nerfed in 2 with the automatic 80% chance to hit if you attacked from behind.  The extra dodge chance when they were low didn't make up for it in my opinon.  I'm pretty sure the later games have similar hit-assisting mechanics as well, but I don't know the extent of how badly ninjas are screwed by them.

And now I feel like I text-walled at you for no good reason.  Oh well.  i enjoy your art.  Keep it up. =D
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I agree with the above sentiments.  Disgaea 1's story was the best. Disgaea 2 was my first game, and I can say that I'm contented with it. Since I have very low standards, the story is never a problem for me but... while Disgaea 4 is okay-ish, it was still messy.

Disgaea D2's story is a bit weak ... not bad, but it pales in comparison to the first. Gotta admit that the ninja is flippin, I might consider doing one.

I wish I get text-walled like this all the time, even if it has no reason xD Thank you! 
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Honestly, I thought how you did the sword was pretty cool. Of course it might not be as crazy as you might see on other places on the internet, but to be honest I think a flashy sword would distract from Octavia and her outfit, plus I love the values of gray you used for the sword.

The outfit I think is amazing, especially since you were able to put it on a pony. (I take it Disgaea doesn't have ponies wearing those.) Even if I haven't seen the original picture of the outfit before, I can tell that just the concept of the clothing's design really works well with your style, and I think Octavia looks good in it.

Lastly I want to say I like how sparingly of the light effects you put in this picture. I've seen art that would put a lot, but I honestly think it comes down to an art in itself using just the right amount for it, and I think you got that which is what I like about you as well as your style. Keep up the awesome work!
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Thank you for the words, and you're right ... the outfit was pretty tricky. I admit she does fit well.

I wasn't really planning on putting some lighting here, since the original background is just plain, but yeah ... my bad.
I'm glad you like it, thank you! and you too!
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Ah, good ol' Disgaea. I'm currently working my way through D2 at the moment. Magic Knight is my favorite class, too. This is just awesome.
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Awesome!! Just in case, be sure to give your MK tera fire spells to grind CoO6, you're gonna need it.

Glad you like it! Thank you :D
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So it WASN'T my imagination thinking your art had a very Disgaea-like style to it. All I can say, is it's incredible how well you fused Disgaea's art style and MLP. Please don't take this the wrong way and think I'm saying you are copying Disgaea's style, Your stuff is 100% original to me. I'm just happy that I can confirm you take inspiration from the game. It's one of my favourite, if not all time favourite tile-based JRPG.
Now if you just made an Etna pony, my life would be complete (:
Keep it up man, this stuff is awesome.
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Oh man,  best one so far. Glad you like it! Didn't really notice my art having a pinch of Disgaea's style in it, must be from influence... but I'm glad you think so, thank you!!
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The Disgaea style ponies is actually what drew me to your page in a related art search. But that's because it looks friken' amazing! You literally fused 2 of my favourite things, perfectly. The disgaea style on the ponies just has a real unique look to it and really fits. It comes out a lot in your Octavia's. Always makes me look forward to your next one.
(Psst. Your next one should be ETNA PONY...) *shifty eyes*
Ha, but anyway, keep up the great work man. Also, hey, if you ever want to talk anything Disgaea, I'm kind of a huge nerd for it so feel free to PM and talk about it.
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I was thinking of leaving dA. Too bad you improved.
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Don't gooo! I won't let you D:
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Sorry, but dA doesn't give me what I want for my artwork. I also lost interest in art (I feel to about some of my art was a waste of time). So I resorted to making legitimate 8-bit music.
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That's sad to hear mate ... would love to check out those 8-bit tracks of yours though.
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