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"W-what is it Tavi?"

"I lost my promos"


"I'm still stuck in bronze"


"elohell exists gg"


So gay*. Shippers gonna ship ayyy
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Octavia being kuudere. Love it!
YES, YES, YESSSSSS! I love Octascratch so much.

The expressions here are what really make this piece so wonderful Cyan!  :happybounce:
This looks so lovely Heart

May I ask Cyan, could I use this as an avatar pic for places I visit?
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Tav: You shall be assimilated into the herd.
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go back to bed Vinyl...
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I don't fully grasp the description, but the art certainly grips me :)

Great piece. Great pair. Great, great, great ^^
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YEs Yes yes yes yes yes yes <3<3<3<3 This is soooo adorable my heart is bleeding <3 Awesome work!!!
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Get on the boat, the ship will set sail soon!

Nice work as always man.
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Oh, pero que buen dibujo, me encanta XD.
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Riot games would like to remind you that elo hell is a real place, where you will be sent at the first sign of a win streak.  GLaDOS emote 
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ship is already sailing 
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off into the distant sunset...
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Somehow, her heartbeat is the same as a driving bass rhythm.
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I laughed way harder at that description than I should. Octavia always struck me as the sort who would complain about ELO hell. I bet her jungler never ganks, either.
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D-don't blame the junglers :c
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