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For :iconviperdash-venomous: 
The new episode was great ! but I guess I was a little bit late on the art ... have some Flutterbat !
Not as yellow as the others but I still think it fits her though (that's just me)
And the title ! I am sooo original lately 

She's not the bat pony Equestria needs, but she's the bat pony Equestria deserves

Also this (Epic)

[Collab with CyanAeolin] FlutterBat - Wallpaper by ViperDash-Venomous
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Sassy Flutterbat.
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I love it! I like Flutterbat more than the regular Fluttershy.
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May I base this?
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Clapping Pony Icon - Fluttershy Nice I love it.great job! Clapping Pony Icon - Flutterbat 
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Wow I love Fluttershy and I love flutterbat there sooo pretty!
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Wow the Flutterbat is getting more famous.
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That looks so cool, awesome job ^_^
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Thank you!! ^^
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You're welcome, sorry for late reply -sweat-
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It's really awesome and amazing!!! :happybounce: :happybounce: :happybounce:
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I really love this art of Flutterbat ^^
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The Blood Moon is rising...
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Also, your scarfs are beautiful, the coats you draw are just wonderful, I love the way you make the style, I love the way you color it, I love the acceseories on your other pictures, just everything you draw is just plain beautiful!
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Thank you!! Yay :D
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I always wonder why I can't find more art like this.. This is my favorite art style and not very many people can pull it off... Props to you best style I've seen in a while!
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Wow, thank you so much! This encouraged me alot :D
Thank you, thank you!
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sweet dude sweet
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Nice! Glad you like it :D
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I'd love to be a bat pony, I find the combined animal awesome.
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