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Admiral Fluttershy

Teitoku for you weeaboos (jk I love you all)

"Right hoof dear"
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Hey there! I'm not sure if you know, but  :iconlovecatfluttersy: has stolen this beautiful piece. I hope this issue is resolved soon. 
Dolce small heart - black 
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Hello, it appears :iconlovecatfluttersy: stole your artwork: Fluttershy by LoveCatFluttersy
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Don't be mistaken. She once single handedly killed an entire army with nothing but that uniform.
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Hell, she's wiped out whole battalions with just her stare alone!
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Aw she's just way too cute!
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Kawaii as fuck, nigga!
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At your orders, my adorable admiral! :salute: :salute: :salute:
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This is so adorable :3
I love the expression and the way you do the eyes! X3 Emote :eeeee: 
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AWWWWWW!  :iconawwwplz:  This is wonderdorable!  love the mane and the expression!  I also think her trembling arm is hnng-worthy!  
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Beautiful and cute pic 

me: reporting for duty admiral shy ma'am 
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She looks so adorable! ^-^
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Reminds me of An Officer and a Gentleman but Fluttershy Anime style. Well done /)
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Umm.. Battle stations everypony... I salute you! 
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U-Um...Admiral F-Fluttershy, r-reporting for d-d-duty...sir.
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That so kawaii! >w<
You are so damn good at this x)
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Don't worry Fluttershy! Your senpai has noticed you! :3
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