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Tatara x reader {1}
TataraXreader ~1~
   "*yawn* Nothing's better than sleeping on the couch", (name) said after waking up from her sleep. The smell of coffee wafted through her small apartment.
   "Good morning".
   "Yeah good morning", she mumbled. "Wait... I live alone..." She thought. Alarmed, (name) grabs the bat under the coffee table in front of her. She gripped it tightly. "Uh, are you making coffee?"
   "Yeah", a man voice answers.
   She takes light steps to the kitchen. "Okay." Her pulse quickens. Sweat drips from her forehead. The kitchen is right there, around the corner. 
   "I know you're there, investigator".
   "Oh whatever!" She jumps from behind the corner and yells, "what are y-". Drinking coffee in her kitchen is a tall white haired man with red eyes. He's clad in a black tank top and black pants. (Name) remembers what happened last night and her (e/c) eyes bulge. She was following a ghoul, which was the one st
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   "爸(Daddy) look!" A bubbly girl voice screamed to her parent. The father tore his red eyes away from his paper to glance at the small female. Well, small compared to him. She was tall for an 8 year old. She had (h/c) locks and dazzling (e/c) eyes.
   "What is it (name)?" Her father replied with mild interest. He sat on a black lounge chair. His hair was pure white and neat. He calmly stood from his seat and went to sit on the floor next to his daughter. (Name) was sat in front of a coffee table. On the coffee table were white papers, each with a drawing or random words on them. She held up one paper with a dragon on it. Above the drawing is "dragon" in botched Chinese writing.
   "I made it for you! I don't know where you'll keep it though..." (Name) grumbled. They lived in a small apartment in the 24th ward. The apartment only had one room which was shared by the father and his little girl. There was also a balcony that didn't have much of a view
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light kisses. | tatara x reader
Your mouth would run endlessly. From it would pour a list of concerns, and everything you held inside. It was a pleasant feeling, being able to vent to someone. He'd just stare though. You'd do the talking for him - plenty of it, at that. Once you ran out of complaints, you're tiredly murmur whatever else came to mind.
With an exhausted sigh, you flopped onto Tatara's lap. His vermillion hues stared down at you, showcasing none of his feelings. It was quite a contrast to you.
"--And that is why I hate forks. Seriously, screw forks." You'd always confuse him. A topic about forks - what nonsense. But you'd passionately ramble on for years to him about him. And you know what? He'd listen. His hand went to your hair, and he rustled it. Tatara may seem distant, but he appreciated the fact that you didn't mind it. The feeling of his hand relaxed into your strands of hair was rather nice too.
"Tatara..." You whined, almost childishly at that - you were begging for a bit of attention. Tatara's
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