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"The world makes me feel like I lost myself,
My own homies telling me that I need help.
If you got a solution for me, you should probably
Holla at your boy if you know somebody."

--Hopsin 'I Need Help'

Eeps uvu I did something nice LOL
The song really doesn't fit her but this is more vent-y than anything. It's also a part of her and Vic's story, which will be posted sometime later after I start writing some parts ouo

fact #1: i like drawing karin in different outfits oops
fact #2: she has an issue with letting people in basically.

secret fact #3: i'm obsessed with hopsin oops /v\

enjoy! uvu

Art (C) Me, kamikamina
this was actually based/inspired by another drawing I saw so i can't take full credit for the idea /v\
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