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Delve Into Character - Angel

Journal Entry: Sat Dec 24, 2016, 12:50 PM
tagged by everidi

  • Delve into the 1 character you were tagged into by answering the questions below. Each section must contain at least 200 words to count for the challenge.
  • Once finished, tag other players, choosing 1 character you would like to learn more about!
  • Tag backs are allowed! You must choose a character that hasn't been delved into yet.
  • Have fun thinking outside the box!


WoLF: Angel Application (Re-imagined) by CXCR

What went into the character’s design and why? Be specific.
Angel is an OC I have in multiple different universes, and his design appears to be slightly changed in each universe. His design in WolF being the most realistic one, apart from his standard human design (He is originally a human character, but because I can't daw humans, I made a wolf design for him, though that is very different from his current design in WolF.) Originally I found an image of an assumed male model with long black hair and white eyes, I since then tried to draw Angel, giving him shorter hair, but still black hair, white skinned, white eyes, wearing glasses and having one stray hair at the front. Usually wearing black suits of expensive brands. (Hence his monochrome designs as a wolf). Because he was longhaired to begin with, and when I first designed him as a wolf, I gave him a thick 'mane', to make him appear 'larger' than what he initially is. In all AU's with him, his strength is slightly above average. So stronger than your average human or wolf, but not so much as to make it unnatural. Because of the way he carries himself, he almost never raises his tail as a wolf (At least I have not yet pictured it, and I doubt that he ever would.)

His first design as a wolf looked like this:
Angel Pose Set 1 by CXCR
and this is also how he looks in some of my other AU's (i.e. his pelt as an anthro in my anthro-verse, still looks like this, and in the universe where I have him and Ren (a pretty red floof of mine), he also still carries this design, as a result of how he looks as a human in that AU.

Just for the fun of it, his human design after he got a haircut, looked like this:
Angel ah by CXCR
So thin, but somewhat sensual, sporting black clothes, Glasses to aid him with his bad vision during the day, though at night he would be unlikely to wear them, because his eyes appear to work better in the dark.

Recount some of the important parts of their history. What are your feelings about their history up to this point? Think “Director’s Cut.”
Angel's life has similar important parts or "milestones" in all of the universes that he exists in. They are more easily explained in the human/anthroverse where he originally is from. Where he losthis parents at the age of 12, (as a wolf he lost his parents somewhere in his juvenile years). In the Human/Anthroverse his parents died in an 'accident', though later thought into it, and considering higher powers wanting him due to his intelligence, a plan was devized to kill his parents, making it look like an accident. - In the wolf verses, his parents died during a hunt, and the alphas of the pack he was part of decided to keep him around because he was 'desirable'.

Next big milestone, human/anthroverse, was in his early 20s, where he, for whatever reason, decided to go on a massive killing-spree, successfully slaughtering the residents of a suburban neighborhood. In the wolf-verses, what he did was somewhat of a mystery, but the idea goes that he, likely, killed other packmembers for mysterious reasons. - In none of his AU's is it specified why, and there's nothing dictating that it's because of his mental disorders or high aggression. - Still leaving the reasons for his wrong doings, quite a mystery. - In the human/anthroverse, his acts of murder/aggression caused him jailtime, and with the guards and cops, lawyers and whatnot, being unable to get nto his reasons for doing so he was even, in those verses, sentenced to death (though saved by the government in the literal last moment.) - In the wolf-verse he was exiled, and his former pack likely hoped that he would land himself in enough trouble to get killed, or with his weak eyesight, be unable to do well enough in regards to finding prey and places to sleep and what not, get him in a bad condition and since then death.

However, that didn't happen and Angel has in the wolf-verses resided as a loner ever since, refusing to join new packs as a normal member, saying that "He is no pack wolf" but also stating that if he were to be part of a pack, he would "Be the alpha." - In the human/anthroverse, he has a high interest in jobs/positions that grants him power. In the human/anthroverse he was even an ally with the government, catching and killing/torturing enemies of the law and the country, and meanwhile devizing a drug to take away 'abilities'/enhancements away from other humans/anthros. It was much later revealed that he was a 'Gamemaster', a 'leader'. - In the wolfverse, he never became an alpha after leavng, but would occassionally team up with other lonewolves and would occassionally devize and command raids and attacks, function as a 'commander' in such cases.

His story differs a lot from the different AU's at this point though, given that he in the human/anthroverse appears to do constant changes between which side he stands on, causing mass confusion and doubt in him. - And before I forget it, in the human/anthroverse he also suffers from both Stage 3A stomach cancer and epilepsy, is somewhat psychotic and suffers from insomnia. - However, in the wolf-verse, he has no immediate sicknesses, except for the feral verse, mirroring the humanverse. In the CC-verse he still suffered from both Dyssocial Personality Disorder (Psychopathy) and Insomnia, as he does in the WolF-verse. - Other things he has in the human/anthroverse and the feralverse mirroring it, is CIP (Congenital analgasia or inability to feel pain). GIven how wolves aren't likely to have that, though, it resulted in CC-Angel AND WolF-Angel to not suffer from it, but instead have a higher tolerance to pain. (instead of not feeling pain, he feels it, but can handle an awful lot before succumbing to it.)

What does the future hold for your character? Throw out some speculation or plot ideas without giving away the entire goose. ;3
In all of the AU's that he exists in, his future is highly secret, as I like to keep people in the dark, wondering what is happening or going to happen to him or for him, though in the WolF-verse, I do aim towards Angel someday getting a pack of his own, even having made it a goal of his, to become an alpha. However, in regards to family, friends and what not, nothing is yet decided or set in stone. This is mainly due to Angel's lack of feelings and lack of interest of others, and inability to care for anyone that isn't himself, or of use or importance to him.

Much of his future is also a mystery because I have not yet figured out more than what I already have for him. Angel is quite easily the most well-thought through character of mine, and a lot of thought went into designing him, both visually and personality wise. I do intend that in the WolF-verse, there is pups somewhere in his future, and at least one design is already made, though, just for the purposes of being mysterious about it, I will not link anyone to it. Those that should see it have seened it, and I know that they loved it.

Whether he gets sick or anything else in the WolF-verse is not decided, and may not even happen at all, though it could still be a slight possibility (just to add to the character).

That's about as much as I can say. Without giving too much away. x)

How does it feel to really delve into a character? I hope you enjoyed reading about my character! Now it’s your turn. Delve into a character of your own and tag some friends!
Tbh. I think about Angel and his history, plot, character, etc, in all of his AUs a lot because he quite easily is my favorite characters out of all of the characters that I do have. I could have written a lot more, but I did not want to bore you all xD There's a lot to Angel, so yeah.

I am sorry guys, but I have literally no idea who to tag D: gosh I'm such a rulebreaker
I suppose you can pretend I tagged you to learn about one of your characters if you have a character you want to delve into

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